Announces Latest Version of Data Integration Tool

By Jim Martin

Continuing to focus on the increasing need to integrate hosts with other data sources,, Inc. has announced ResQNet 4.0. The newest version can integrate disparate pieces of information scattered throughout the enterprise on Unix, Client/Server, other host platforms and desktop applications.

A 100 percent pure Java applet, ResQNet doesn’t require any scripting or programming to Web-enable and rejuvenate AS/400 and mainframe computer applications. ResQNet 4.0 extends the boundaries of host applications, delivering data for further reformatting and integration with other sources and returning or displaying the results.

“Even though the majority of enterprise data is stored on mainframe and midrange legacy systems, most users over time have added a mix of other technologies. ResQNet 4.0 is a response to the market demand to integrate data from these various sources in addition to Web-enabling the legacy applications,” says Todres Yampel, president of “With the latest release, ResQNet not only updates the look and feel of legacy host applications, but has become a key integration solution.”

New features and enhancements in ResQNet 4.0 include: LDAP support, which enables the system to automatically retrieve profile-related information; advanced macro facility, which gives administrators the flexibility of showing or hiding screens and screen objects, changing screen object captions, or modifying host input; database access facility, which extends the reach of hosts to provide database access functionality; and application launcher facility, which allows users to launch desktop applications.

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