Amdahl Study Reveals E-commerce Service Quality

Amdahl Global Solutions, a division of Amdahl Corporation, revealed the results of their e-commerce performance study. E-commerce businesses are investing millions in online storefronts, anticipating a dramatic increase of online shopping transactions this holiday season. To assess the results of these efforts and demonstrate the industry need for robust end-user performance solutions, Amdahl conducted its unique e-performance "spot check." This study monitored quality of service, consistency of end user response and competitive position of popular Web sites. Results of the study are available free to the public on Amdahl’s eShop at

The EnView "spot check" evaluated today’s leading and most popular e-commerce sites that are likely to experience increased traffic levels over the next several months. Leading-edge online transaction sites include auction sites, such as eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and Ubid brokerages, financial sites, such as Discover Brokerage, Datek Online, Fidelity Investments and eTrade, retailers, such as The Gap, Macy’s, JC Penney, Levi Strauss and FootLocker and PC manufacturers, such as IBM, HP, Compaq, Dell: All of which were evaluated as part of this study. The results indicate great strides have been achieved in improving Internet service. As transaction volume grows at record pace this holiday shopping season, all e-commerce sites will have the challenge to implement continuous monitoring tools to assure consistent competitive service for cyber shoppers.

"This study reveals that some businesses do a better job than others in assuring consistent responses that enhance the experience of using their Internet site," comments Alan Bell, President of Amdahl Global Solutions. "Traditional infrastructures must consider a number of factors that can impact the overall end user service. Amdahl solutions, such as EnView and EnView.Commerce, help companies better understand what their customers experience when visiting their Internet storefront."

EnView is an availability and response time monitor that measures performances end-to-end. Starting at $19,500, EnView delivers proactive service management that continually monitors end-user response times across multiple technical environments. EnView monitors Internet/intranet, client/server and heritage applications, providing real-time visual displays, alerts, alarms and complete historical and trend reporting. Complementing EnView software is EnView.Commerce, a subscription service that provides customers with valuable management reports that compare their E-commerce Web site availability and performance with other customer-specified Web sites.

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