Growth for S/390 Customers

IBM announced S/390 servers designed to help medium-sized enterprises grow existing applications and add new workloads while reducing their cost of doing business.

The S/390 Multiprise 3000 family breaks new ground for S/390-class servers by offering customers more than just new technology and a state-of-the-art operating system. The three desk-side models of the Multiprise 3000 family -- the H30, H50 and H70 -- combine the S/390 server platform's industry-leading strengths of availability and security with new hardware and software pricing that offers a significant price/performance improvement over the S/390 Multiprise 2000 Server family.

The new hardware and software pricing means that a customer with older hardware and older versions of the operating system and maintenance agreement would receive up-to-date hardware, the current level operating system and new maintenance terms for about the same monthly fee. The customer also would get about twice the system capacity.

A new software pricing offering, the Growth Opportunity License Charge, is designed to enable customers to increase the size of their workloads and introduce new workloads more affordably. With the Growth Opportunity License Charge a Multiprise 3000 customer can make use of the larger available system capacity without incurring a large increase in the cost of their IBM software. The new license charge may encourage software vendors to follow this lead.

IBM has created a new way of measuring and defining system capacity and performance to encourage S/390 customers to add new applications with the Multiprise 3000 family.

This new Web-based performance tool is designed to help customers evaluate their capacity needs in a number of areas, including combining current workloads with planned or anticipated new e-business, business intelligence and enterprise resource planning applications.

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