EnterpriseLink Adds eBusiness Functionality to SmartTran 3.1

By Jim Martin

Looking to provide added functionality, EnterpriseLink Technology Corp. (Campbell, Calif.) has announced an enhanced version of its SmartTran Software—an AS/400 compatible solution designed to integrate legacy applications and data for rapid delivery of eBusiness solutions.

Version 3.1 can integrate any existing COM or COBRA server applications through SmartScript, a server-side script language, as well as a new SmartCOM++ component. The addition of SmartScript and SmartCOM++ is designed to enable SmartTran customers to implement business logic and perform enterprise application integration in a rapid and secure manner.

SmartScript allows customers to expand eBusiness functions such as replacing paper processes with electronic ones. A COM+ compliant component, SmartCOM++ can be utilized within Microsoft Active Server pages via VBScript or any client/server application.

“Application integration, business extension and secure information delivery is increasingly important for enterprise eBusiness development,” says Jeffrey Dunn, president and CEO of EnterpriseLink. “The addition of SmartScript improves integration and deployment capabilities for EnterpriseLink partners and customers to implement advanced eBusiness solutions.”

SmartTran 3.1 also includes numerous enhancements. The enhanced security features in 3.1 enable enterprises to apply trusted security policy present in their legacy systems to new Web and client/server applications.

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