SEAGULL’s WinJa 2.2 Takes Flight

SEAGULL (Atlanta) has announced a new release of its WinJa rapid deployment application enhancement technology for the mainframe. WinJa 2.2 includes new and enhanced features that SEAGULL claims will position it as a leading solution for Web-to-host connectivity and integration.

An HTTP server has been built in to WinJa Server for seamless deployments for WinJa applications. The built-in HTTP server also manages multiple connections via a single Port 80 HTTP tunneling protocol, allowing multiple WinJa-enhanced e-business applications to run on the same server. The WinJa client software now includes smart HTML pages that perform automatic browser and JVM version detection and notification.

“Web users demand solutions to work at the click of a mouse, and helping them adapt their environments to make that happen is an important characteristic of a world-class e-business solution,” says Andre den Haan, SEAGULL director of product strategy. “That means WinJa’s smart HTML pages are another weapon in our customer’s e-business deployment arsenal, allowing them to support a broad mix of client devices around the world, around the clock.”

Other features of WinJa 2.2 include:

  • Enhanced and expanded Web-to-host/host-to-Web access and integration capabilities
  • Host Session Connectors for open access to host functionality from Java and Domino applications
  • Enhanced data access via ODBC support
  • Enhanced Collector technology and developer ease of use
WinJa provides developer’s tools, presentation server software and thin-client technology that enables rapid e-business innovation with mainframe applications. Customers can build graphical thin-client interfaces for new or existing host applications then deploy them to any combination of browser, Java or Windows clients. WinJa 2.2 is scheduled for release in October 1999 and is a no-charge upgrade for WinJa customers current on maintenance.

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