Top 50 Digital Media and Web Audience Ratings

Media Metrix, a leader in Internet and Digital Media measurement, released the Top 50 At Home and At Work combined Digital Media and Web audience ratings for August 1999.

The total number of unique visitors increased 11.5 percent to 63.1 million in August 1999, from 56.6 million in August 1998. Among major categories, shopping is in the lead with a 35 percent increase to 42.5 million unique visitors, from 31.4 in August 1998. The travel category had the second highest increase -- 29 percent to 21.5 million unique visitors in August 1999, from 16.7 million last year

The category with the least amount of growth in August 1999 vs. August 1998 was adult content, which increased only 4.6 percent to 20 million unique visitors from 19.1 million.

AOL Network leads in Digital Media/Web Properties (which includes users of the World Wide Web, propriety online services, and/or other ad-supported digital applications, such as e-mail services and CD ROM) with 66,956 unique visitors. Yahoo sites came in second with 40,237 unique visitors. A "unique visitor" is defined as the actual number of total users who visited the reported Web site or online property at least once in the given month. All unique visitors are unduplicated (only counted once) and are in the thousands. placed first in Web sites with 63,135 unique visitors. came in second with 33,398.

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