WRQ Introduces E-Business Applications Software

WRQ Inc. (Seattle) recently unveiled Apptrieve application-mining software that enables organizations to build e-business applications that integrate legacy data from AS/400 host systems. WRQ is positioning Apptrieve to fill a gap in the emerging enterprise application integration (EAI) market by giving inexperienced Web application developers object-based access to legacy business logic without requiring any custom programming or alterations to the host system.

"Legacy extension is hotter than a habanero pepper," said Jim Sinur, VP and research director of Application Development at the Gartner Group (Stamford, Conn.). "Many organizations are considering legacy extension as a cost-effective way to take existing applications to the Web or to create new hybrid applications that tactically use legacy systems' functionality. This market is hot and will stay that way for three to five years."

Most Web application developers are unfamiliar with legacy applications, which are highly customized to individual organizations. Unlike other application-mining solutions, which require custom programming through proprietary APIs and are limited to a minority of existing legacy applications, WRQ claims that Apptrieve enables access and integration of legacy data into new Web or client/server applications without requiring knowledge of the host system.

Apptrieve includes a graphical-legacy application mapping tool, a development kit and server for reducing the complexity of legacy-Web integration in three steps:

  • Graphically map the legacy application Someone familiar with the legacy application uses a point-and-click interface to create a graphical map of only the desired legacy data. This makes it accessible via standard database format via JDBC or by using JavaBeans or COM objects.
  • Build a new application A Web developer can access the newly created legacy data objects with embedded business logic for use in a new application. Apptrieve SDKs integrate into development environments including Java, C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic, as well as application-server environments, such as Forte, Silverstream, Bloodstone, Netscape and WebObjects.
  • Deploy the new application Apptrieve Server combines the enterprise scalability and performance required by e-business applications. It provides load balancing, session pooling and failover, and offers the deployment flexibility of both Windows NT and Sun Solaris platforms.
With the release of Apptrieve, WRQ will launch the Apptrieve Authorized Solution Provider Program. This new channel development and support initiative will provide qualified value-added resellers and system integrators with technology and sales training and marketing support to help them take advantage of new business opportunities generated by the Apptrieve solution.

"The less work organizations have to do in modifying or reinventing legacy applications for integration with the Web, the faster they will execute on their e-business initiatives," says Shaun Wolf, VP of Host Access at WRQ. "Apptrieve delivers on WRQ's vision to help our customers move quickly toward e-business while integrating-not rewriting-valuable legacy business logic by cutting the development cycle from years to weeks."

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