LANSA Adds Java Interface to AS/400 Applications

By Jim Martin

Taking advantage of the strength and growing popularity of Java, LANSA (Oak Brook, Ill.) recently unveiled its Java User Interface for AS/400-server based LANSA applications. The new Java user interface will increase the speed and flexibility it affords developers in using their AS/400 skills to build a highly graphical user interface.

In the past, users had to develop the same application repeatedly for HTML, Windows, XML and Java. With the Java interface, users can build one AS/400-served application and deploy to any or all of the interfaces, as well as to 5250 terminals.

“Now you can use your AS/400 skills to build a highly graphical user interface,” says Bill Benjamin, VP of business development at LANSA. “LANSA has been extended to provide an unprecedented level of flexibility for developers. LANSA customers can create HTML, Windows, 5250, XML, and now Java interfaces from LANSA, rather than forcing a specific user interface style. With LANSA’s Java support, graphical components such as tool bars, tab controls, charts and spreadsheets can be incorporated into a Web application seamlessly, with minimal effort.”

According to John Quarantello, IBM AS/400 Java and Websphere segment manager, “LANSA’s new Java client will allow AS/400 customers to easily take advantage of the power of XML and Java. Best of all, LANSA’s short learning curve will enable AS/400 customers to leverage these new technologies quickly, and with minimal investment.”

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