iE Integrator Takes on Two-way XML Support

By Jim Martin

Expanding its application integration solution to include two-way support for XML, iE (Burlington, Mass.) has announced the release of iE Integrator 2.0.

An enterprise application integration platform, the iE Integrator is designed to solve the widest range of back-end system and front-end technology problems. It targets three main areas: e-commerce, CRM, and mergers and acquisitions.

“Integrating legacy systems with the Web is the largest obstacle when implementing an e-commerce platform,” says Roger Willcocks, iE’s CEO. “iE Integrator is the only environment in the industry that solves the entire legacy integration problem and we have the experience and the track record to prove it.”

Through the two-way support for XML, iE Integrator 2.0 facilitates translation and mapping of XML documents into Web-based applications and back-end host, transactional and database environments.

Other features in iE Integrator 2.0 include:

  • improved, faster and more productive database integration;
  • implementation of AS/400 data-queues;
  • server security management and encryption;
  • conversion to Microsoft JScript engine;
  • and improved 3270 & 5250 terminal access.

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