Lawson Releases Portal for Lotus Domino

By Jim Martin

Continuing to focus on the growing popularity of Lotus Domino, Lawson Software (Minneapolis) has announced immediate availability of LAWSON INSIGHT II Information Office Enterprise Portal for Lotus Domino, its second information portal solution delivered and shipped by Lawson this year.

The Information Office Enterprise Portal for Lotus Domino provides real-time access to 100 percent of Lawson’s enterprise software application suites, Lotus personal productivity and collaborative applications, complementary Domino-based software solutions and any Internet-connected data source.

The portal allows users to modify their single desktop into an information access environment and workers gain a single point of access to information from areas ranging from software files to data marts. Access to enterprise information and applications is protected by Lawson and Lotus Domino security features.

“With Enterprise Portal for Lotus Domino, Lawson is offering a powerful solution that is easy to use, easy to administer and easy to understand,” says Dean Hager, VP of IBM business practice at Lawson Software. “This level of self-evidence to both the end-user and the administrator is unavailable anywhere else in the enterprise software market. Setting up new employees with a default desktop based on their role is an intuitive, fast process. By leveraging its leading-edge technologies, Lawson has elevated the Web from being a tool for employees to being the central location from which they can perform all their work.”

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