RSA Security and ODS Networks Sign Licensing Agreement

RSA Security Inc. and ODS Networks Inc. have signed a technology licensing agreement under which ODS has become the exclusive licensee of RSA Security’s Kane Security software products in North America and Western Europe.

Under the terms of the agreement, RSA Security has licensed its Kane Security software products to ODS Networks, a move that complements ODS’s existing CMDS Enterprise profiling, intrusion detection and analysis tool. ODS Networks will provide marketing, sales, support, maintenance and development for Kane Security software. Together, RSA Security’s and ODS’s products are designed to help organizations perform security audits of their networked systems, monitor critical networked resources for suspicious activities, and collect information for data analysis, alarm processing and audit management functions.

"The Kane Security products fit perfectly with ODS’s strategy of integrating security products to address large-scale threat detection and elimination," comments G. Ward Paxton, President and CEO of ODS Networks. "While continuing to support and expand the functionality available through the Kane Security products, we’ll also add components that integrate with CMDS Enterprise. This will give customers the advanced capabilities they need to profile user behavior and to collect and analyze intrusion and attack signatures from the massive amounts of security-related data generated from networked resources throughout their enterprise."

"We believe this relationship is beneficial for RSA Security and ODS Networks, and most importantly for our respective customers," says Art Coviello, President of RSA Security. "Customers can look to ODS not only to preserve and enhance their investments in Kane Security products, but also to offer a growth path to additional profiling, intrusion detection and analysis solutions."

About the Products

The Kane Security Analyst is a vulnerability assessment tool that is designed to provide a fast, thorough analysis of network security for Windows NT and Novell NetWare environments. The Kane Security Monitor is intended to act as a 24-hour "burglar alarm" that continuously reviews and analyzes NT security event logs for patterns of misuse and alerts the security administrator in real-time.

CMDS Enterprise is a comprehensive tool for profiling user behavior, identifying suspicious activities, and analyzing and detecting intrusion and attack signatures from the massive amounts of data generated from hosts, servers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, infrastructure routers, and a wide variety of applications. Built as a client/server application, CMDS Enterprise automatically collects and analyzes security data from a number of log and operational audit sources. In addition to monitoring desktops, hosts and servers, CMDS is designed to work with popular third-party security products, database managers, ERP applications and in-house developed systems. CMDS Enterprise acts as the "glue" that ties multiple security data sources into a single monitoring architecture.

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