Seer*HPS 5.4.1 Supports e-Commerce Application Integration

Level 8 Systems, a global provider of e-Business integration solutions, has announced the availability of its Seer*HPS 5.4.1, and enhanced version of the company’s client/server applications development environment. New features include Java e-Commerce clients, EAI support and a Windows 2000 interface.

With Seer*HPS, users build applications by using the development environment to model the business processes and business data ad to define the business rules. They then deploy the application by mapping the business rule to the client and server platforms and defining which data should be stored in which database. Seer*HPS then generates the appropriate Java Beans, C or COBOL for the appropriate platforms and creates the necessary database tables.

Enhancements give Seer*HPS 5.4.1 the ability to generate Java Beans for thin-client applications and link them with business rules developed in the Seer*HPS environment and running on mainframes, Unix and AS/400 enterprise servers. It also offers an adapter for Level 8’s Geneva Integrator enterprise application integration (EAI) product that will now enable Geneva Integrator to integrate Seer*HPS-generated applications with other third-party applications. The Windows-like interface makes Seer*HPS 5.4.1 more consistent in appearance with other commonly used platforms, making it much easier to use.

“Our customers have been using Seer*HPS to develop highly complex applications in such areas as banking, insurance and telecommunications,” commented Ted Venema, product manager for Seer*HPS for Level 8. “The enhanced capabilities of Seer*HPS 5.4.1 in generating Java Beans allows customers to leverage their existing Seer*HPS-generated applications by seamlessly linking Web-enabled clients for e-commerce to powerful back-end systems.”

This will be the last release of Seer*HPS under the product name. The next generation of Level 8’s application development environment will be fully integrated into its Geneva brand family of products and marketed under the name Geneva AppBuilder.

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