WRQ’s Open Door Program

WRQ Inc. has launched the WRQ Open Door Program, which gives Wall Data's RUMBA and Cyberprise customers the ability to receive free WRQ Reflection products and support with no obligation. The WRQ Open Door Program was established to give these customers a no-risk way to experience WRQ products and technical support, while evaluating WRQ's strategy for integration of host systems with e-business initiatives.

WRQ Open Door Program offers Wall Data RUMBA and Cyberprise customers in North America the opportunity to receive the corresponding Reflection product, with the matching number of per-seat licenses -- free. Those customers who also have a current Wall Data maintenance agreement will receive, for free, six months of maintenance from WRQ for the matching number of per-seat licenses. In addition, WRQ products include automated tools for helping RUMBA and Cyberprise users upgrade smoothly to Reflection. To register for the program, customers simply fill out the Open Door Registration form at by January 31, 2000.

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