Digi Joins ECTF

Digi International Inc. has joined the Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum (ECTF), publishers of interoperability specifications for the computer telephony industry. Joining as a principal member of the forum, Digi will take an active role in helping to define computer telephony hardware and software interoperability standards, including the ECTF’s computer telephony services platform architecture.

The ECTF is an industry organization formed to foster an open, competitive market for computer telephony technology. Participants include industry suppliers, developers, system integrators and users working to achieve agreement on multi-vendor implementations of computer telephony technology based on international de facto and de jure standards.

"Digi’s WAN communication adapters are the industry standard for value added resellers, system integrators and their customers. In joining the ECTF, we look forward to leveraging our leadership in open systems-based communications to help foster the convergence of voice and data at the server level," says Gene Olson, chief technology officer, Digi International. "The emerging ECTF standards will encourage application vendors to create hardware-independent, cross-platform computer telephony solutions. Digi expects to play a vital role in enabling its resellers and system integrators to offer a broad range of solutions based on the ECTF computer telephony standards, such as S.100 and S.300."

For more information, visit Digi’s Web site at www.digi.com or call (800) 344-4273. Additional information on the ECTF can be found at www.ectf.org. To inquire about membership, contact the ECTF at (510) 608-5915.

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