Updated Y2K Readiness Disclosures

During the month of November, Infoliant Corporation’s Compliance Tracker Delta Report tracked 426 changes to the Y2K readiness status of off-the-shelf hardware and software products; 338 of these changes were "negative." Taking into account the additional 806 disclosures that Infoliant tracked regarding revised corrective action plans, patches and upgrades, the number of updated Y2K product readiness announcements totaled 1,232 in November.

In the last three months, Infoliant's Delta Report has tracked 1,070 Y2K status changes; 730 of these were negative changes (moving to a less than fully Y2K-ready status). In addition, Infoliant has tracked 1,706 changes to corrective action plans since September.

"We've been stressing the fact that Y2K remediation is an ongoing project, and the 2,700 changes we've detected in the last few months proves this point," says Kevin Weaver, Executive Vice President and co-founder of Infoliant. "With less than a month before the New Year, we are still tracking hundreds of "negative" status changes and even more disclosures on corrective action plans. This month, we tracked status changes to 262 different products that were previously considered compliant by their manufacturers. That's rather frustrating for those companies that are trying to wrap up remediation projects."

Some interesting details of this month's Delta Report:

  • Manufacturers withdrew all Year 2000 support for 99 different products
  • 101 products that were "Pending Evaluation" were tested by the manufacturer in November; 54 of these are not currently ready for the Year 2000
  • Only 9 products that were previously declared "Non-Compliant" have been upgraded to "Action Required"
  • Changes to Y2K status were disclosed by 68 manufacturers, 8 of which disclosed changes on 30 or more products. These include Boca Research, Cincom Systems, Computer Associates, Corel, Dell Computers, Netscape Communications, Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems

"Successful Y2K remediation is dependent upon accurate, timely information," says Weaver. "Our online knowledgebase and e-mail notification service provide our customers with up-to-date compliance information for their IT assets, as well as corrective action plans and links to download manufacturer patches and upgrades. Our customers can continue their Y2K remediation as new information is received. We do all of the legwork for them, and they get the most up-to-date information for the products they use."

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