DetectIT Inc. Announces Integration with Q Software’s Aquila

Joanna Doyle

A leading AS/400 security and audit software provider and a security software supplier for J.D. Edwards applications recently formed a strategic partnership that will help customers achieve high-level security at all levels of the J.D. Edwards system.

DetectIT Inc. (Denver) and Q Software International Ltd. (UK) have announced the integration of Q Software’s Aquila security module for J.D. Edwards and the DetectIT Security Management System. DetectIT’s Security Management system offers a total security solution for the IBM AS/400, while Q Software’s Aquila makes JDE’s native security more reliable and easier to manage. The additional tools resulting from the integration of these two products will make it possible for security managers to easily go from AS/400 security all the way through the layers of JDE security.

“I am very happy with this partnership,” said Shane Creedon, managing director for QSI, “I have known DetectIT for many years and I am also very excited about the future solutions we can mutually develop. Currently both products are the best in their field, together they are outstanding. This is going to provide the total solution for security officers of all JDE customers.”

The DetectIT-Q Software partnership allows J.D. Edwards customers to implement comprehensive security in areas of client access, LANs and other connections to the AS/400, and gives them the flexibility to employ RSA SecurID authentication for sensitive programs as well as other e-business and Internet security solutions.

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