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Whether it applies to the direct sales force or to its Channel Partners, HP needs to commit to the highest caliber team representing its array of products, solutions and services. The same passion and devotion to excellence in product engineering which is synonymous with the name HP should be applied to all HP channels of distribution. HP needs to reward excellence and hold everyone representing it in the marketplace to the highest standards of knowledge, commitment and customer focus.

Find those kind of reseller partners, find those really enthusiastic sales reps and those logistics partners who are committed, not just to profit, but to excellence in solution selling. Back them with the best extended supply chain and logistics infrastructure in the industry. Break down the barriers between partners. And make it an extended team in every sense of the word.

This is what companies in other industries are doing to differentiate themselves and achieve competitive advantage. If HP believes that it is not a commodity technology supplier, then it needs a channel strategy, which accepts this fundamental premise and takes this message to the marketplace every day.

You Talkin' To Me ?

HP is always talking about how much they talk to their customers and partners. Now, I don't know if many of you have been asked by anyone at HP what improvements can be made in the channel; but I know I haven't. As these critical changes are planned and implemented, your voice and power as a customer has never been greater. Publications like HP Professional and forums like Interex are vehicles for getting your voice heard. But take action, be vocal and let HP know what you want.

- Paul Sita is president of Perfect Software Solutions, Inc.

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