WRQ Teams with Chordiant

Jim Martin

WRQ Inc. (Seattle) has added another market for its Apptrieve legacy application mining solution with the announcement that they are joining forces with Chordiant Software (Cupertino, Calif.) to help large-enterprise call centers integrate legacy data with the Web. Through the agreement, WRQ will bundle components of Apptrieve with Chordiant’s software, improving the customer support capabilities of enterprise call centers by Web-enabling their infrastructures.

Relatively new to the market, Apptrieve enables organizations to mine and reuse data in legacy applications for integration with e-business solutions. One of the major components of Apptrieve--a connector that ties into the application server of the e-business infrastructure--will be integrated into Chordiant’s software.

“Our agreement with Chordiant means both companies can better serve many potential customers’ needs, something WRQ is always alert to,” says Shaun Wolfe, VP of the host access unit for WRQ. “We specifically introduced Apptrieve to solve legacy integration challenges similar to those generated by today’s evolving call-center solutions, which often need to access customer information on existing host systems, as well as provide a framework for future Web-based call-center applications.”

Chordiant e-business software allows companies to provide their customers with services such as sales programs and customer support across multiple communication channels. The channels include the Internet, e-mail systems, automated telephone self-service systems, and customer service representatives in call centers.

“A key element is Chordiant’s implementations is access to critical data that resides in legacy applications,” says Joe Tumminaro, CTO at Chordiant’s Software, call center solutions manufacturer. “The addition of Apptrieve’s Forte Connector will make it easier for our customers to integrate legacy information into CCS while avoiding the expense and time associated with re-engineering.”

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