Bluestone Software Now Shipping Total-e-Business

Joanna Doyle

Bluestone Software Inc. (Mount Laurel, N.J.) announced recently it has begun shipping Total-e-Business, a comprehensive, standards-based e-business solution for Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platforms. Total-e-Business incorporates both Bluestone’s flagship product, Sapphire/Web Application Server, and its XML-based integration engine for data interchange, Bluestone XML Suite, to produce an application suite designed to serve a broad variety of e-business needs.

Total-e-Business, a platform-independent, pure Java environment based on the Sapphire/Web Application Server infrastructure, can be deployed on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) platform, including AS/400. The solution assists companies looking to put a Web front on their business with basic e-commerce tools and features such as online catalogs, shopping cart and payment management. In addition, however, Bluestone representatives say, Total-e-Business is designed to extend an organization’s e-business capability by integrating diverse aspects of the enterprise, personalizing and targeting Web content to each specific user, and making data available throughout the enterprise and across the supply chain.

“By laying an industrial-strength foundation, Total-e-Business supports extreme performance and scalability of mission-critical e-business applications,” says John Capobianco, senior VP of worldwide marketing for Bluestone. “However, e-business is about more than technology. E-business is about business, and Total-e-Business creates the global-class platform that lets companies meet virtually all requirements for an online business.”

Total-e-Business utilizes the Sapphire/Web Application Server’s scalable, fault tolerant infrastructure and employs XML Integration Server to connect legacy systems and Web applications within the company and with third-party partners, suppliers and vendors. The software allows users to create and implement dynamic user profiles in order to tailor both their Web content and their delivery mechanism to a user’s specific needs or history. In addition to Total-e-Business’s own content management system, through a strategic alliance with Interwoven Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.), Bluestone offers Teamsite from Interwoven, a state-of-the-art content management system, as an optional component system to allow Web administrators to manage content that is dynamically delivered with Bluestone’s Total-e-Business J2EE engine.

Total-e-Business, which is now available, is priced from $100,000.

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