Intentia Releases Movex Intelligent Agent

Joanna Doyle

Intentia International (Stockholm, Sweden) hopes to take a prominent place in the expanding field of intelligent agent technology, with the release of Movex Intelligent Agent, which can be assist with business functions ranging market pricing to customer relationship management.

“The use of intelligent agents has so far been limited to small-scale features such as reporting and Web-search technology,” said Johan Berg, Managing Director of Intentia Research and Development. “With Movex Intelligent Agent, we have taken a huge step towards automating the enterprise procurement process by enabling software agents to find and negotiate deals instead of having personnel do it. This will dramatically reduce costs and time-to-delivery.”

Intentia believes that in the new digital economy, business-to-business based “auctions” will be an important method of disposing of surplus goods and services, primarily over vertical portals, a process which has met with approval from customers. The customer-centered model creates a need for a reliable method to monitor customer behavior, especially changes in activity or preferences. Movex Intelligent Agent software allows users to search the Internet or an intranet and negotiate deals, track customer behavior, learn from previous experience, draw conclusions and give recommendations with regard to future actions based on changes in customer behavior.

Intelligent Agent, part of Intentia’s enterprise application family, Movex, is expected to be generally available in the third quarter of 2000.

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