Farber/LaChance Online

Farber/LaChance Online is a central source for the IT disciplines of enterprisewide automation and unattended operations, which delivers technical, management and business information to the desktops of data center professionals and provides a method for providing continuing education to data center staff members.

Farber/LaChance Online ( captures information through free registration and a requirements survey. "We’re asking people to tell us what issues are most important to them so that we can deliver education and information based on data center priorities," says Arnold Farber, President of Farber/LaChance Inc.

News related to data center automation and unattended operations will begin to appear on the site in early January, and the first education courses will be delivered in February. "Education will be delivered through the site in two fashions," says Rosemary LaChance, Partner at Farber/LaChance Inc. "One method will be interactive, self-paced courses ... The other method will be interactive, instructor-led courses delivered by Farber/LaChance."

For more information, visit Farber/LaChance Online at, or contact Managing Partner Phil Courtney at (570) 588-4653.

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