CrossWorlds Supports XML, Joins RosettaNet

CrossWorlds Software Inc. is now providing product support for eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Concurrently, the company announced its membership and support for RosettaNet, an independent consortium dedicated to developing and deploying industry standards for enabling eBusiness interoperability. With its XML-compliant eBusiness product, development tools and infrastructure, CrossWorlds will enable companies to conduct eBusiness transactions in RosettaNet formats.

CrossWorlds is offering an XML Connector, a pre-defined and extensible cross-application interface designed specifically for handling XML-based messages. The Connector allows for the integration of XML data to multiple legacy and packaged front-office, back-office and supply chain applications including Baan, Clarify, Manugistics, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, Trilogy and Vantive via CrossWorlds hub- and-spoke architecture. The XML Connector is tightly integrated with CrossWorlds' business process modeling capabilities and Collaboration modules.

As part of its support of RosettaNet, CrossWorlds' architecture complements the RosettaNet standards by providing a real-time integration environment for trading partners through automatic answer-back, cross-referencing and persistent transaction services. As a result, trading partners can avoid manual tasks such as transaction voiding if an order acknowledgment is not received after a specified number of hours.

CrossWorlds eBusiness provides a platform that supports the technical service components necessary to move information from a company’s application architecture into the RosettaNet Partner Interface Process (PIP) infrastructure. RosettaNet PIPs consist of system-to-system XML-based dialogs that define how business processes are conducted between IT manufacturers, software publishers, distributors, resellers and end-users. Using its XML Connector, CrossWorlds will map to specific RosettaNet document type definitions (DTDs) within the PIPs.

CrossWorlds eBusiness Collaborations combined with the RosettaNet PIPs will enable IT supply chain partners to align their eBusiness processes so they can further leverage their investments in enterprise applications, including eBusiness sales and procurement applications over the Internet. Examples of the CrossWorlds eBusiness Collaborations include Customer Synchronization, Item Synchronization, Vendor Manager and Purchase Order


RosettaNet was formed to develop and deploy global open and common business interfaces, enabling small and large buyers and sellers of computer technology to do electronic business more efficiently. More than 60 companies, representing $600 billion in annual revenues, currently provide the mandate for RosettaNet’s standards development strategy. RosettaNet is an independent, self-funded, non-profit consortium dedicated to the development and deployment of standard electronic commerce interfaces to align the processes between supply chain partners on a global basis. Visit RosettaNet at for more information.

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