IBM & Cisco Deliver e-business Solutions

IBM and Cisco Systems Inc. are working together to provide customers with a highly available and scalable technology foundation for e-business solutions. Using IBM S/390 servers, IBM Host Integration software and Cisco’s network systems, the companies will work to make available advanced e-business solutions that can both drive and support the growth of high-volume Internet transactions. IBM S/390 and Cisco also will identify other standards-based technologies to enhance S/390 and Cisco's advanced IP infrastructures with additional testing.

The growth and seemingly unlimited demands of e-business call for seamlessly integrated networks that can be rapidly deployed to meet business needs. IBM and Cisco will work together to create and deliver high-performance e-business solutions for their customers.

The development and testing of the IBM and Cisco products will yield e-business solutions that reduce infrastructure complexity and speed deployment. One set of functions will produce an unmatched ability to provide Quality of Service in mixed traffic environments. IBM S/390 traffic prioritization coupled with Cisco priority enforcement within the IP network will help ensure that users can receive more predictable response times. Another set of functions will highlight the unique coupling of S/390 Parallel Sysplex clustering technology with Cisco intelligent workload balancing to provide greater e-business transaction availability and scalability.

As part of this announcement, IBM Global Services also will enhance its portfolio of Networking Service offerings to assist customers in the deployment of these solutions.

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