IBM Purchases Accessible Software

IBM has signed an agreement to purchase Accessible Software Inc., a company specializing in an object-oriented approach to mainframe management. IBM's Tivoli Systems will control and manage Accessible Software. Shareholders will receive consent solicitations that include a description of the principal terms of the transaction.

Accessible Software will become part of the Tivoli Enterprise Business Unit, headed by Senior Vice President and General Manager Bob Yellin. This unit develops and markets Tivoli's flagship Tivoli Enterprise product solutions, which includes its OS/390 enterprise software management products.

Accessible Software's Access 1 product allows customers to easily integrate the management of their OS/390 resources with their distributed and networked assets, providing a "one-view" look into the IT infrastructure from a centralized console. Access 1 automatically discovers the computing resources to be managed and enables top-down management of a company's business applications and processes.

For more information, visit Tivoli at, or visit Accessible Software at

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