SAIC Purchases Hummingbird EIP

The Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has purchased the Hummingbird EIP (Enterprise Information Portal) for implementation at a large U.S. government agency. Hummingbird's Enterprise Information Portal will provide SAIC with a single point of access to a vast number of information repositories, instantly connecting users to the content they need in the context they need it in.

"Features such as the Hummingbird EIP's e-Clip architecture, unified search and application integration were key to the product selection," says Tracy R. Bair, Vice President, SAIC.

The SAIC is a diversified, high-technology research and engineering company, offering expertise in technology development and analysis, computer system development and integration, technical support services, and computer hardware and software products. They are also an authorized reseller of the Hummingbird EIP. It addition to developing solutions for customers in the financial services sector, the SAIC intends to use the product to build vertical solutions for their own customer base.

The EIP, which builds on core Hummingbird technologies, provides a single point of access to all business-critical information and resources, including structured and unstructured enterprise data. Beyond access, the Hummingbird EIP enables users to quickly process, filter, and act upon information from any enterprise source.

For more information, visit SAIC's Web site at, or visit Hummingbird's Web site at

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