MTI Vivant Storage Is Novell -Compatible

MTI Technology's Vivant Block Services have received Novell's "Yes, Tested and Approved" compatibility designation. As a partner in the Novell DeveloperNet Program, MTI provides Novell with storage products for certification. Novell tested and approved MTI's Vivant RAID storage servers as part of an end-to-end Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (SAN) solution that has been designed to operate on multiple-hosted environments. Novell tested the compatibility to ensure the quality and interoperability of MTI's storage systems.

In addition, Novell approved/certified a high availability storage driver that provides failover support for a dual controller Vivant Block Services storage system. The Novell designed driver provides for storage to failover to another controller on fibre channel and still be accessible from the host. This driver was specifically designed for MTI and greatly improves data availability in a Novell NetWare environment.

Novell's DeveloperNet Labs reviewed all of the components of MTI's high-performance Vivant storage system. MTI's Vivant Fibre Channel RAID storage servers also offer the highest levels of reliability, scalability and data availability. The Novell-tested Vivant configuration includes support for RAID levels 0, 0+1 and 5.

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