New Products

KL Group's XRT/Gauge

KL Group Inc. releases XRT/gauge, a collection of widgets, comprising seven dials and gauges. XRT/gauge is a customizable set of dials and gauges for Motif development and gives developers the ability to create interfaces and tailor all aspects of information display, including style, color, range and numerical display. XRT/gauge includes circular gauge, circular dial, linear dial, linear gauge, LED icon, LED numerical, percent and XRT PDS.

Contact KLGroup for a free evaluation by visiting


Sterling Commerce's CONNECT:Enterprise

Sterling Commerce announces CONNECT:Enterprise which automates and manages the movement of information between a company's business applications and those of its e-business communities. CONNECT:Enterprise supports multiple Internet communication channels and standard dial-up Async communications; provides a Java-based, point-and-click, GUI configuration interface; supports industry standard security technologies; offers scheduling and event-triggered automation services; and provides common reporting through tracking and logging functions.

CONNECT:Enterprise 1.0 is currently available for the IBM RISC system, HP 9000 and Sun Microsystems UNIX platforms.

Contact Sterling Commerce at (800) 311-9775, or


AppWorx, Cosort Automate Data Warehousing

AppWorx Corp. and The CoSORT Company (Innovative Routines International, Inc. - IRI) are integrating the AppWorx process automation solution and IRI's CoSORT high-performance data sorting and manipulation product. The combined technologies will automate data loading, staging and integration and batch production tasks; while keeping tabs on resource availability and server performance. Both AppWorx and CoSORT perform high-speed loads of large volumes of data.

AppWorx monitors and automates staged events and ensures that proper sequencing is enforced and loads are balanced based on resource availability. CoSORT performs the sorting required to speed Oracle, Red Brick, DB2, Sybase and SQL Server loads, and the extraction and transformation processes that make data ready for access and analysis.

Contact AppWorx at 877-APPWORX, or visit

Contact CoSORT at (800) 333-7678, or visit


OrderFusion Orders of Magnitude 3.1

OrderFusion's Orders of Magnitude 3.1 is a suite of e-commerce apps that integrate the sell-side system with Operations Resource Management (ORM) buy-side e-procurement systems. Capabilities include a personalized Web site that highlights past purchases and provides access methods to find the right products, customer-specific contract pricing and discounts, cross-sells and up-sells, restricted access to certain products, product availability, merchandise configurator and elimination of remote catalog maintenance in each separate ORM system in each trading community.

Contact OrderFusion at (858) 450-4800,, or visit


Bluestone Software's Total-E-Business

Bluestone Software Inc.'s Total-e-Business product suite includes an open, standards-based architecture; a scalable, fault tolerant, secure infrastructure; XML and Legacy integration services; content management and dynamic display; a personalization and recommendation engine; and e-commerce components and integration. Total-e-Business includes a complete online store template,, which includes reusable Java components, a database schema and JSPs provided in store code format.

Contact Bluestone Software at (856) 727-4600, or visit


Sterling Commerce's GENTRAN:Catalyst

Sterling Commerce introduces GENTRAN:Catalyst, its new e-business broker and the latest addition to its e-Business Process Integration (BPI) offering. GENTRAN:Catalyst's capabilities include XML translation support, routing and translation decisions made in realtime based on message content, full message management capabilities, and direct access to ODBC databases from the translator. GENTRAN:Catalyst is designed to take advantage of CONNECT:Enterprise for managed data exchange and provide a comprehensive E-business integration solution.

Contact Sterling Commerce at (800) 311-9775, (469) 524-2565 or


Datametrics VisualPulse

Datametrics Systems Corp. introduces VisualPulse, designed to provide realtime and historical reports on network latency and packet loss for specific Web sites, servers and network nodes anywhere over the Internet or across a corporate intranet or extranet. VisualPulse is targeted at service providers, Web-hosting companies, Applications Service Providers and Internet Service Providers who need a visual way to see how their service offering is running. VisualPulse can be integrated with Datametrics' VisualRoute, providing visual traceroute information to the servers or sites being monitored.

Contact Datametrics at (703) 385-7700, or visit their Web site at


E.E.S.'s POS/OE 4 With IP Extender 4000

E.E.S. Companies announces E.E.S.'s POS/OE4 with MCK Communications' IP EXTender 4000 and Branch Office EXTender 6000, "voice/data" business operations solutions which enable customers to set up remote offices via the Internet. MCK Hardware works with POS/OE 4's EESy PhoneServer option which uses a GUI interface to manage incoming business calls and enable the remote user to place voice calls from their phone set directly connected to their company's main office PBX over a TCP/IP connection. The remote user will also be connected to POS/ OE 4 realtime as a standard client workstation.

Contact E.E.S. Companies at (508) 653-6911.


Phobos' 3M Volition Fiber Optic Products

Phobos Corp. will supply 3M with a range of active fiber optic networking products, including Phobos' P100-VF fiber NICs. Phobos products will be incorporated into 3M's Volition System, a networking product line designed to reduce the costs associated with using optical fiber connections.

Phobos also offers a line of Internet Traffic Management products that optimize networking efficiency through effective server load balancing.

Contact Phobos Corporation at (801) 474-9200, or visit

Visit 3M's Web site at


GFI Releases Eicon DIVA Server PRI Drivers

GFI's Eicon PRI drivers support Eicon Technology's new DIVA Server PRI-30M and gives FAXmaker users the ability to use the Primary Rate Interface (PRI) telephone service. When used with FAXmaker, the DIVA Server PRI-30M offers greater bandwidth for fax transmission and enables users to send and receive 30 faxes at a time.

GFI's FAXmaker for Exchange allows users to send and receive faxes from Outlook and fax from any Windows application. FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 7.0 is the first fax server to integrate with Outlook without requiring Exchange server. It is a LAN fax solution with e-mail to fax and fax to e-mail gateways.

Contact GFI at (888) 2GFIFAX, or visit


Reflection X For Sun's Solstice Network Client

WRQ's Reflection Suite for X will now be a bundled solution with Sun Microsystems' Solstice Network Client and Solstice NFS Client Products. Solstice Network Client customers who want to continue integrating their Sun Solaris applications with their PC desktops can purchase WRQ Reflection Suite for X and get WRQ's PC X server. WRQ Reflection Suite for X provides precise rendering and integration of UNIX graphical applications from a PC desktop. Reflection NFS provides critical print and file transfer services between Windows-based PCS and UNIX host systems.

Contact WRQ resellers or WRQ directly at (800) 872-2829.


Imperial's MegaRam-370

Imperial Technology introduces the MegaRam-370, which can house up to four hot-swappable MegaRam Solid State Disk devices. MegaRam-370 has a storage capacity from 134MB to 8.04GB and is available in various configurations to meet any system requirement. MegaRam-370 also has a 40MB/second UltraSCSI interface and allows access to the data in less than 0.05 milliseconds.

An optional internal disk and battery backup unit (IDBU) is available, which allows MegaRam-370 to save data to the internal disk in the event of a power failure, wait for power to be restored and then automatically transfer data back into the solid state memory.

Contact Imperial at (800) 451-0666, or visit their Web site at


MTI Adds Pathfinder to DataServices

MTI Technology added PathFinder for Windows NT to its DataServices software. PathFinder is the first in a series of software modules designed to provide host-side Fibre Channel adapter fault protection for systems connected to MTI's Vivant storage servers. To do this, PathFinder corrects potential failures that may occur in the data path between the host system and the Fibre Channel storage server; then maintains continual access to the Vivant storage server by locating and redirecting data to an alternate functioning path.

PathFinder for Windows NT is available for MTI's Vivant storage servers and is priced from $3,500 per server.

Contact MTI at (800) 999-9MTI, (714) 970-0300, or e-mail to, or visit


Workstation Solutions' Quick Restore 2.6

Workstation Solutions' Quick Restore 2.6 is available with centralized enterprise NetApp filer-to-UNIX server NDMP backup and recovery. Quick Restore 2.6 enables NetApp customers to back up to a centrally located backup server with an attached tape library. Quick Restore 2.6 features new Linux support allows customers to choose an Intel- or AMD-based Linux server as a central administrative backup server. Quick Restore lets users backup from a filer to UNIX or Linux backup server's tape library; backup from a filer to a local tape device; backup from a filer to another filer's tape device via the network and backup from a UNIX, Linux or Windows NT server to a filer with a local tape device. Each of these capabilities comes standard and at no extra charge.

In a related announcement, Workstation Solutions announced Quick Restore 2.6 for Red Hat Linux servers and clients. Linux-based Quick Restore backup servers can manage backup and recovery in networks of Linux, Windows NT, commercial UNIX and Network Appliance systems. It is seamlessly integrated with all other platforms, allowing backup and recovery of UNIX, Windows NT or Network Appliance data to tape libraries attached to Linux servers.

Quick Restore 2.6 will soon be available for Red Hat Linux 5 and 6. Linux single server licenses start at $2,500; unlimited licenses for Red Hat Linux 4.2, 5 and 6 are free of charge.

Contact Workstation Solutions at (800) 487-0080, or visit


Syntax e-BizFS Solution

Syntax Systems' e-Business File System (e-Biz-FS), is a solution within Open Enterprise Services. e-BizFS lets users drag and drop any file in any format into any file system in the enterprise, and to use any file in any file system in the enterprise. Users can then search and view files from any desktop through a standard Web browser, Windows Explorer, Macintosh Chooser or NetWare for Windows. Open Enterprise Services includes Open Authentication Services, Open Administration Services, Open Directory Services, e-BizFS Services, Output Services and Transport Services.

Contact Syntax at (253) 838-2626, or visit


Baan CODA E-Finance

Baan CODA E-Finance is an E-enabled finance solution which is based on the Baan CODA Financials product suite. Baan CODA E-Finance leverages an Internet architecture to securely distribute and share financial information across the extended enterprise, including delivery of accounting information to palm-top and internet devices. Baan CODA E-Financials solution features a hand-held device access to financial information though a true thin client.

Baan CODA E-Finance also enables access to financial information directly from the corporate intranet or situations requiring thin-clinet based remote access. Baan CODA E-Finance will be available in the first quarter of 2000.

Visit Bann at


CollabWare's GS-Design Internet CAD Software

CollabWare announced the commercial availability of GS-Design, a high-end solids-modeling 3D CAD system designed for use over the Internet. GS-Design is an aerospace-grade CAD system, capable of modeling ultra-large assemblies and managing a vast number of design configurations. It has a Web-based, three-tier architecture and provides for true collaborative design between multiple users, no matter where users are located. GS-Design manages revisions and configurations and provides secure central storage of design data. The state of the design can be seen in realtime, eliminating version control problems.

GS-Design is available for rent on a month-to-month subscription basis over the Internet. Users can download the beta software from the CollabWare Web site. Visit


Pine Cone's Evergreen Service

Pine Cone Systems' Evergreen is a Web-hosted data warehousing management subscription service solution. Evergreen delivers secure performance and activity metrics to data warehousing managers via the Internet. For a monthly subscription fee, subscribers will receive daily web-based updates and periodic trend analysis and specific recommendations from an on-line data warehousing consultant. Subscribers will also receive Pine Cone's Activity Tracker software for real-time activity and performance monitoring and analysis, with its proactive alerting for on-site monitoring of current and recent activity.

Contact Pine Cone at (303) 221-4000 or


SST-Resource Availability V3.4

Softworks made available its SST-Resource Availability version 3.4. Enhancements to SST-Resource Availability 3.4 include reporting on historical storage utilization on open systems platforms, wider platform coverage for Oracle's database space management and IBM's ADSM enterprise backup management, and a logical correlation between OS/390's view of hardware devices and the EMC SYMMETRIX and STK tape silo environments.

Version 3.4 is built on an architecture that supports proactive, intelligent agents that monitor, fix and notify when storage related problems are detected. It supports logical and physical storage systems used by OS/390, MVS, UNIX and Windows NT. SST-Resource Availability 3.4 also offers support for HSM, SMS, ADSM and EMC SYMMETRIX subsystems; and Oracle and DB2 relational database management systems.

SST-Resource Availability can be purchased under a range of options designed to match customer requirements, with pricing beginning at $57,000. It is available directly through Softworks or through their network of distributors.

Contact Softworks at (800) 727-4422.


ASG Releases ASG-Impact Expert

Allen Systems Group released ASG-IMPACT Expert, which provides a graphical interface to create rule-based expert systems that emulate the problem-solving capabilities of human experts specializing in areas of business including software development and hardware configuration. ASG-IMPACT Expert can be started from within the LAN environment and is Web-enabled via ASG-KnowledgeWave. It provides instant, online guidance for service desk personnel in gathering the appropriate information and providing an answer or resolution to an "expert" question. ASG-IMPACT Expert can be tailored to fit site-specific situations and can be used throughout the organization.

Contact ASG at (941) 435-2200, or visit


Cygnus Source-Navigator V4.5

Source-Navigator version 4.5 is now available from Cygnus Solutions. Source-Navigator is an advanced code comprehension tool for software developers to understand, re-engineer and migrate complex code faster. Two version of Source-Navigator 4.5 are being offered: The Developer version, which supports smaller projects of up to 250,000 lines of code; and the Enterprise version, which includes unlimited line support as well as support for cross-platform development on Windows, Solaris, HP-UX and major Linux distributions. Key features of Source-Navigator 4.5 include multi-language parsers, multiple platform support, visual interface, IDE compatibility and interfaces to leading version control systems.

Source-Navigator includes a project editor and database, a set of integrated browsers, advanced project search tools and a user's guide. The Enterprise version is now shipping on Red Hat Linux 5.2/6.0, Caldera Linux 2.2, SuSE Linux 6.0/6.1, Windows 95/98/NT, Solaris 2.5.1 or higher and HP-UX 10.20 or higher platforms. A single seat copy with unlimited line support is $499 and includes the Cygnus Source-Navigator Software Developer's Kit. The Developer version is $199. Both versions can be purchased through Cygnus' web site.

Contact Cygnus at (800) CUGNUS-1, or visit


Filemaker Server 5

FileMaker Server 5 is a software application for hosting FileMaker Pro 5 databases. The new FileMaker Server 5 features an increased database hosting for up to 250 FileMaker Pro database clients and 125 open FileMaker Pro 5 files. The new version offers increased network performance, the ability to automate and centralize backups, scalable deployment, auto disconnect for idle guests, compatibility with Windows 95/95/98/NT and Mac OS systems, remote administration, preferred IP addressing, the ability to host single user files, cache flush and exact file content match support.

Retail cost is $999, with volume pricing available under FileMaker volume license programs. Upgrades from previous versions of FileMaker Server are available for $499.

Contact FileMaker at (800) 725-2747 or visit www.filemaker. com/products/fms home.html.


NetSupport Manager 5.0

NetSupport's NetSupport Manager 5.0 is a PC remote control that allows administrators, help desk representatives, tech support, and telecommuters to remotely control a PC or group of PCS and enabling real-time visual instruction, file retrieval or remote operation and management. Version 5.0 new features include Voice over IP (VoIP), remote PC inventory, support for Windows 2000, enhanced security, additional scripting and enhanced performance. NetSupport 5.0 starts at $189 for a single user license for use on one client and one control PC and is available through select resellers.

Contact NetSupport at (888) 665-0808.


Ominitron's FlexSwitch

Omnitron Systems' FlexSwitch 600XC 2Gx 2-port Gigabit Ethernet switch repeater is able to increase network distances up to 50 km from the standard 5km and also functions as a fiber converter to connect Gigabit network segments of different fiber types to regenerate signals for maximum network performance. Should distances of longer than 50 km be required, the FlexSwitch 600XC 2Gx can be cascaded and support multiple segments of up to 50 km each. The FlexSwitch 600XC 2Gx features full wire-speed performance and plug-and-play installation. When used as a fiber converter, it offers conversion between multimode 850nm, single-mode 1300 nm and single-mode 1550 nm fiber options.

The FlexSwitch 600XC 2Gx's list price starts at $1,495 for models with an external power adapter; $1,545 for models with an internal power supply. A free lifetime warranty and 7x24 technical support are included.

Contact Omnitron Systems at (800) 675-8410, or visit their Web site at



V-Systems' VSI-FAX 4.0 provides both integrated and desktop management capabilities for Windows NT, UNIX and Linux; and comes with new centralized management features. It supports an unlimited number of network users and can be easily integrated across Windows NT, UNIX and Linux platforms to fax-enable applications and workflow processes.

Users can fax any document from any application to automate communications. Included with VSI-FAX 4.0 is a new VSI Web Fax Client, enabling users to send and receive faxes via any Web browser. A new Outlook Fax Client, enabling users to send, receive and manage faxes without leaving Outlook, is also included. VSI-FAX 4.0 comes with a new Integrator's Toolkit that includes a Software Developer's Kit, and features improved Fax Merge and Print-to-Fax support for popular office suites.

Contact VSI at (800) 556-4874,, or visit


Free SarCheck For SCO UNIX

To thank the SCO UNIX community for its support over the past five years, Aurora Software Inc. announced that its SarCheck for SCO UNIX 3.2v4 is now available for free. SarCheck, a performance management tool, is designed to assist system administrators and VARs in the analysis of a UNIX system's performance by translating the output of various monitoring utilities into a plain English report.

It identifies performance bottlenecks, runaway processes and memory leaks; recommends changes to the tunable parameters and hardware configuration; and quantifies the amount of remaining system capacity. It also helps VARs to identify problems remotely and to recommend or implement corrective actions.

The free version of SarCheck for SCO UNIX 3.2v4 contains new options for inserting HTML tags into its output.

Visit Aurora Systems' Web site at


Camintonn Upgrades Memory for NetServer LXr 8500

Camintonn Corporation announced memory upgrades for HP's NetServer LXr 8500 data server PC. The new line of memory is available in modules that provide capacities that range from 256MB to 1GB, with standard memory for the NetServer system at 256MB with a current maximum memory of 32GB. Camintonn's high bandwidth memory synchronizes itself with the system clock that controls the CPU, allowing the SDRAM to eliminate time delays while offering bandwidths of up to 100MHz. Camintonn Memory is currently available in the following configurations: 256MB for $640; 512MB for $1,403.

Contact Camintonn at (949) 454-1500,


Mercury Interactive's LoadRunner ActiveTest

Mercury Interactive Corp. debuted LoadRunner ActiveTest, a hosted Web-based load testing e-service that is designed to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint capacity constraints and, therefore, optimize Web site performance.

LoadRunner ActiveTest stress tests Web sites with actual traffic before they go live and provides real time graphs and reports to organizations. It is a hosted e-service in which all testing is done remotely over the Web by Mercury Interactive's load testing experts. Mercury Interactive's staff works with in-house personnel to define load scenarios, develop test scripts, manage the testing process and provide recommendations for optimum performance. LoadRunner ActiveTest starts at $15,000 for scheduled service.

Contact Mercury Interactive at


Visual Numerics' JWAVE 3.0

Visual Numerics JWAVE 3.0 is a client/server solution using Java components to develop and deploy 100 percent Java applications across an enterprise via the Internet or an intranet. New features introduced with version 3.0 include expanded connection choices for linking JWAVE with an organization's enterprise architecture, the addition of 76 mathematical and statistical analysis functions from Visual Numerics' IMSL C Numerical Library and first-time support for the Linux operating system. JWAVE supports servers and desktop computers running Linux, UNIX or Windows NT.

Cost for a JWAVE 3.0 starter kit, including a single-user license and two client developer licenses, is $8,795.

Contact Visual Numerics at (303) 939-8797 or



APCON's AUTOSWITCH 2000 automates switching of peripherals across multiple servers on a network. AUTOSWITCH 2000 eliminates the need to manually facilitate tape and/or drive backup system; it monitors activity and moves hardware devices within the network. AUTOSWITCH 2000 can be controlled locally or remotely through GUI interface. Available for Windows and UNIX platforms, AUTOSWITCH 2000 costs $695, plus shipping from Portland.

Contact APCON at (503) 639-6700 or


BMC Software's RESOLVE for E-Business

BMC Software's RESOLVE for E-business Management solutions include RESOLVE Enterprise Snapshot for SQL-BackTrack and RESOLVE High Speed Transaction Recovery, for customers who rely on constant access to critical information that requires precise recovery and backup. Adding to the holistic approach to managing e-business environments, RESOLVE for E-business Management solutions allow customers to leave their databases open while making backups and recoveries.

RESOLVE High Speed Transaction Recovery: Provides maximum availability and improved transaction integrity by rapidly applying transaction-level updates to the database during recovery.

RESOLVE Enterprise Snapshot for SQL-BackTrack: Delivers continuous database availability and enhances database performance by reducing the impact of backup processing from hours to minutes.

Contact BMC at


WRQ and HP Sign Third Reflection X Agreement

WRQ established a third bundle agreement with HP to increase the reach of its WRQ Reflection Suite for X and Reflection NFS Connection software, which provide integration between Windows-based PCs and UNIX host systems. Through this third agreement, HP will ship Reflection products both pre-installed and bundled with the new Windows NT-based VISUALIZE P600C, P650C and P700C Personal Workstations.

A local version of WRQ Reflection X software, which provides precise rendering and integration of UNIX graphical applications from a PC desktop, will be pre-installed on all new HP VISUALIZE P600C, P650C and P700C Personal Workstations. WRQ Reflection NFS Connection, a utility that provides critical printing and file transfer services between Windows-based PCs and UNIX host systems, will also be installed on the Workstations. In addition, the workstations will be bundled with a 60-day trial copy of WRQ Reflection Suite for X, which includes a full version of Reflection X able to run remote X clients plus VT, TN3270 and TN5250 emulations.

For more information, contact WRQ at (800) 872-2829, or visit


McData Offers HBAs

McData, providers of SAN switches, now offers a selection of host bust adapters (HBAs), the interface boards that link hosts and storage systems to a Fibre Channel-based switched fabric. McData's initial HBA products cover major server platforms, including Windows NT, PCI Solaris, Sun Solaris and Novell.

Contact McData at (800) 545-5773 or

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