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CIFS/9000 for HP-UX 11

The CIFS/9000 Common Internet File System for HP-UX 11 provides end-to-end UNIX and Windows system interoperability. With the CIFS/9000 client and server software, both Windows and HP-UX 11 platforms can be used interchangeably as file servers for each other. This file system also enables HP-UX 11 systems to have equal access to information stored on Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, Windows NT and HP’s UNIX system platforms. In addition, CIFS/9000 for HP-UX 11 allows IT managers to use a single-user ID and password for client authentication into UNIX and Windows system environments.


HP DeskJet 1220C

The HP DeskJet 1220C Professional Series color inkjet printer delivers professional-quality graphics output (9.5 ppm) and high-performance text printing (11 ppm) for business and home-office users with either PC or Mac systems. The DeskJet 1220C printer is a wide-format printer with three paper paths, including a direct path accommodating media weights of up to 67 pounds. The DeskJet 1220C printer also incorporates HP PhotoREt III enhanced color-layering technology which uses up to 29 drops of ink for each dot in a printed image, allowing the printer to generate 17 different shade levels for each of the primary colors. The DeskJet 1220C printer also offers an alternative photo mode that prints at 2,400 dpi on photo paper.

The DeskJet 1220C printer ships with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and Mac OS 8.1 drivers in the box, and supports IEEE parallel and USB connects. It can be networked with an optional HP JetDirect print server and has a duty cycle of 5,000 pages per month.


New HP Pavilion Notebooks

HP Pavilion notebook PCs integrate Mobile AMD-K6-2-P and Intel Pentium II CPUs. The HP Pavilion N3210 notebook PC with the Mobile AMD-K6-2-P 433MHz CPU has a 12.1-inch HPA screen, 32MB SDRAM, 4.3GB hard-disk drive. The HP Pavilion N3250 PC with the Mobile AMD-K6-2-P 475MHz CPU features a 12.1-inch TFT screen, 64MB SDRAM, 6.0GB hard-disk drive, 6X DVD-ROM drive with Dolby Pro Logic Surround sound and Polk Audio.

The HP Pavilion N3270 PC with the Mobile AMD-K6-2-P 475MHz CPU includes a 14.1-inch TFT XGA screen, 64MB SDRAM, 6.0GB hard-disk drive, 6X DVD-ROM drive with Dolby Pro Logic Surround sound and Polk Audio. The HP Pavilion N3290 PC with the Pentium III 500MHz CPU has 14.1-inch TFT XGA screen, 64MB SDRAM, 6.0GB hard-disk drive, 6X DVD multimedia drive with Dolby Pro Logic Surround sound and Polk Audio.


Worldwide Sales Initiative for Red Hat and HP

Red Hat Inc. and HP have formed an alliance aimed at expanding sales of their solutions in three ways: HP’s Linux version of OpenMail will be made available for direct purchase through Red Hat’s portal, located at; Red Hat has included a fully functional copy of OpenMail in boxes of Red Hat 6.1 Professional. And, this agreement is the first alliance under The Red Hat Reseller Program, which includes Red Hat Reseller Starter Kits – a channel solution designed to give resellers the pricing, product, training and support.


New Services for SureStore XP256

HP will provide end-to-end support for the XP256 and HP NetServer systems, as well as for NT servers from Compaq, Dell and IBM. HP will help customers design and implement consolidation infrastructure and maximize uptime with NT consulting services, such as HP SureStore E data migration. HP will provide customers with a single point of contact for their support needs, and HP’s Microsoft-certified staff will offer services ranging from telephone support to 24x7 same-day, on-site service for mission-critical environments.


SureStore E 10/180 Tape Library

The HP SureStore E 10/180 tape library, part of a new family of scalable, is a high-end, high-availability backup system. The E 10/180 model can handle up to 6.9TB of data (native) and can be configured to match current and future application requirements. In a maximum configuration, the library, which supports current and future tape-drive technologies, can house up to 10 DLT8000 drives (or six HP 9840 drives) and up to 174 tape cartridges. The HP SureStore E 10/180 features built-in redundancy for continued operation in the event of component failure and supports both SCSI and Fibre Channel (via HP’s SCSI-to-Fibre Channel bridge) connectivity options. The tape library supports current high-end drive technologies (DLT8000 and HP 9840 drives), as well as future drive technologies, including Linear Tape Open (LTO) and SuperDLT.


Enhanced HP SureStore E Disk Array XP256

The XP256 has been enhanced with HP SureStore E Auto Path XP, a business-continuity feature for Windows NT that improves performance via load balancing and enables the disk array to connect with host servers via redundant network connections that support automatic failover. The XP256 already offers no single point of failure within the system hardware. The XP256 for Windows NT is currently available with an entry-level price of $240,000. Additional pricing is available from local HP sales representatives or channel partners.

SolidDesigner 2000

CoCreate Software Inc., an HP subsidiary, announced the addition of five new modules and other enhancements to SolidDesigner, a 3-D CAD program. The new modules include: SolidDesigner collaboration; teamwork management; and three bi-directional interfaces to CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER and Unigraphics that enable collaboration between product-development teams in process-centric environments. CoCreate also has extended SolidDesigner to support 3-D process models for 3-D-based collaboration. SolidDesigner 2000 introduces three new direct data interfaces to the CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER and Unigraphics CAD systems.


HP TopTools

HP TopTools, HP OpenView and HP Web JetAdmin, and its Manageability Consulting Services will help give IT managers further network management and control capabilities in Windows 2000 environments. HP TopTools is a modular Web-based device-management software suite that allows IT managers to configure, manage and update device resources from any location within a network; and Web JetAdmin is a network peripheral-management software.

HP TopTools will integrate into the Windows 2000 environment, providing full support for the Microsoft Management Console. IT managers will have access to TopTools’ remote asset management, fault management, configuration management and security management from within the interface of Windows 2000 Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

Customers can already plan Windows 2000 migration by using TopTools’ powerful management and reporting capabilities to produce a Windows 2000 Migration Report. This report details HP Vectra corporate PCs, HP OmniBook notebook PCs and HP Kayak PC Workstations that meet Microsoft’s recommended Windows 2000 hardware requirements.

The next release of HP TopTools will run on Windows 2000 and inventory Windows 2000-compatible devices. It will also support MMC, which, combined with HP TopTools PC query and trouble-shooting features, will give IT managers access to all critical data required to efficiently manage and service their networks. The next release of HP Web JetAdmin, will integrate Windows 2000 and extend HP OpenView to provide network printing.

HP TopTools is available for free from HP’s Web site at The new HP TopTools and HP Web JetAdmin versions will be available to customers later this year.


HP Manageability Consulting Services

In a related announcement, HP Manageability Consulting Services can help customers design and rapidly deploy Windows 2000 environments to take full advantage of the manageability features of Windows 2000, HP TopTools and HP OpenView products. HP Server and Storage Consolidation Planning services can help IT managers consolidate the number of server and storage devices in an existing environment in conjunction with the deployment of Windows 2000 to build a more manageable network environment, reduce total cost of ownership and increase system availability.


HP Changengine XML-Compliant with Bluestone

HP and Bluestone Software announced an agreement to integrate Bluestone’s XML Suite Integration Server into HP Changengine, a business-process management system, to enable more flexible and dynamic Business-to-Business (B2B) trading.

This integration will allow B2B communications to make use of XML data formats and enable the entire business process to be managed by HP Changengine software, while taking advantage of Bluestone’s scalability, fault tolerance and open standards design.

Collaborative processes between businesses will be made possible and will help fuel growth in online B2B trading. Even the smallest suppliers will be able to participate. Joint management of promotions will be made easier, orders will be able to be placed online, forecasts agreed to and monitored automatically, and sales data shared immediately.

HP Changengine enterprise process management is based on HP technology that enables automation and management of business processes across applications and organizations, within and beyond the enterprise. HP Changengine dynamically modifies business processes, independent of underlying applications and technologies, providing real-time management of the business environment. Information about HP Changengine can be found at

For more information, call 888-Bluestone, send e-mail to, or visit


CABLExpress Offers Cash for Used Networking Equipment

CABLExpress, a supplier of certified, pre-owned networking equipment, has partnered with HP to create a buy back program for all brands of networking equipment. Through this TradeIn program, any piece of networking equipment is eligible for trade in and can be turned into cash to help customers transition to a new HP ProCurve network.

To take advantage of this program, visit the HP products section at Next, click on the HP ProCurve TradeIn section and follow the CABLExpress link from the HP site, where users can list all the desired products to trade in. CABLExpress will then send a bid within 60 minutes for any unneeded networking equipment and soon thereafter, issue a check.

CABLExpress will offer cash or credit for all surplus equipment, including "as is" equipment, which can then be used towards the purchase of any new HP products. CABLExpress will also pay for all shipping costs and make shipping arrangements.

CABLExpress products include: networking hardware, testing equipment, mainframe data center products, computer cables and connectors, wiring systems, data communications equipment and midrange computer connectivity products.

CABLExpress also provides technical support, corporate buying programs and quantity discounts.

For more information, call (800) 982-5197, or visit their Web sites at and www.cable


Procom and HP Join for Network Storage Appliance

HP is incorporating Procom Technology’s hardware platform and thin OS software into its products. Procom’s technology will be a component of an NAS solution from HP that serves the Windows NT and UNIX markets. The solution will be part of HP’s strategy to extend its presence in the NAS appliance market.

Contact Procom at (949) 852-1000,, or visit their Web site at


HP’s Security for NT Extranets, Portals and E-Services

HP announced HP DomainGuard Enterprise 1.0, the first enterprise-class Web-access control solution developed specifically to address the security-management requirements of extranet portals. The new HP DomainGuard Enterprise 1.0 Web authorization manager provides centralized, role-based access control and single sign-on for all Web objects on multiple Microsoft IIS/NT Web servers, enabling enterprises to more quickly, easily and cost-effectively deploy and manage secure extranet applications.

HP DomainGuard Enterprise significantly reduces development and deployment costs and speeds time to market by eliminating the need to build security into each Web application. Its centralized security management and delegated administration features have reduced administration costs for customers by up to 50 percent.

More information can be found at

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