Resonate & Whale Communications Partner

Resonate Inc., a provider of Internet Services Management (iSM) solutions, and Whale Communications, an application shuttle technology company, have formed an agreement in which Resonate's technology will be integrated within Whale's e-Gap security system, to provide a redundant, scalable solution for e-business.

The integration is intended to provide immediate availability and high performance capabilities among multiple e-Gap units. Each individual e-Gap unit acts as a channel for transporting data between end users and the back office. Resonate's technology divides requests and transactions between multiple, parallel e-Gap units to handle a large number of transactions. If one e-Gap unit fails, then another e-Gap unit will automatically take on its workload.

The e-Gap system ensures that data and transactions are securely "shuttled" between the outside world and an organization's back office databases, thus eliminating the need to open a hole in the organization's firewall. e-Gap enables organizations to provide online applications without exposing their internal systems to external network vulnerabilities.

Resonate's product family consists of Resonate Commander, Resonate Central Dispatch, and Resonate Global Dispatch. Central Dispatch and Global Dispatch optimize site availability and performance of local and multi-site server resources by enabling multiple Internet servers to act as a single system. Commander provides rapid problem diagnosis, tuning and automated control to meet mission-critical service level objectives. Commander, Central Dispatch and Global Dispatch can be used separately or as a complete end-to-end solution that integrates traffic and systems management capabilities for real-time service monitoring and control.

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