MCS Launches Systems Management Solution for Active Directory

Network management vendor Mission Critical Software (MCS, has launched the OnePoint Operations Manager, a proactive solution for managing Microsoft Corp.'s Active Directory.

The Operations Manager lets administrators automatically manage and monitor the availability, responsiveness, and replication of Active Directory. It also publishes reports on domain configuration, replication topology, and events produced by Active Directory.

The goal is to provide IT personnel with a central console to monitor and manage server infrastructure, service levels, and applications in Windows NT/2000 and Active directory.

The solution includes several new features:

Automated health monitoring and auditing

Operations Manager conducts automated tests that verify the domain controllers are properly functioning and monitor key trouble indicators, such as event logs and performance counters. It sends an alert if these servers become unavailable or unhealthy.

Active replication monitoring

Operations Manager continuously monitors the replication process across the enterprise and provides diagnostic tools to aid, identify, and resolve issues before they impact a customer's business.

Automatic management and discovery

Through its ActiveAgent technology, Operations Manager configures itself to adjust to changes in enterprise configurations, ensuring that IT personnel are managing the real-time, current state of their distributed environment.

Comprehensive reporting and auditing

The reporting and auditing tools provided by Operations Manager for Active Directory help IT personnel identify users or applications that have changed the schema, OU structure, contacts, printers, computers, or other objects. Operations Manager also provides basic availability reports for key machines and services, enabling IT personnel to report service-level exceptions and identify problem machines.

The OnePoint Operations Manager is part of the OnePoint suite and will be available this quarter.

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