MMC Drag-and-Drop with Second Edition of W2K

WALTHAM, Mass. – The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) will get a facelift in the second edition of Windows 2000.

Mike Eisenberg, technology specialist at Microsoft Corp. (, delivered the news to a standing-room only crowd in Microsoft’s Massachusetts offices last month at the first meeting of a Windows 2000 users group anywhere.

Microsoft plans to add drag-and-drop functionality to the MMC in the second edition of Windows 2000. Eisenberg said Microsoft weighed whether or not to include drag-and-drop in the MMC for about 18 months before opting to wait until the second release of the operating system.

In the initial edition of Windows 2000, MMC relies on a checkbox interface. Drag-and-drop functionality is available through third-party tools such as DirectAdmin from Entevo Corp. (

The new Boston Area NT Server User Group/Windows 2000 Server User Group is about 1,700 members strong. User group chairman Rick Sach says his is the first user group to adopt Windows 2000 in its name. In a show of hands at the meeting, dozens of members of the Boston group acknowledged that they’ve already started working with Windows 2000.

Sach himself is among the early adopters. He is also president of US DataCenters, a company that has hosted Windows NT-based Web applications since 1996.

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