Zona: Web-Based App Use on the Move

Zona Research Inc.'s latest Zona Enterprise Usage Study indicates that the use of browser-based access to host-based applications is rising.

Zona (www.zonaresearch.com) asked more than 200 IT professionals to categorize the level of deployments and planned deployments of host-based applications through a browser, with browser-based access to corporate intranet-hosted applications as well as to outsourced application service providers (ASPs).

Thirty percent of respondent's to Zona's study do not currently deploy browser-based access to host-based applications, but plan to do so in the next year. The ratio of deployment plans has not changed since the third quarter of 1999, indicating that conversion plans are proceeding on schedule.

Planned deployment at companies that heavily use browser-based access is at 30 percent, indicating that major host-based application growth will nearly triple before current plans are exhausted. Additionally, the study indicated that companies with small pilot projects -- 1 percent to 10 percent usage -- are moving toward more mainstream deployment. Overall, the study suggests that the use of host-based applications is only at one third of its potential for next year.

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