DataMirror’s Transformation Server adds support for NUMA-Q server brand

By Jim Martin

With business intelligence growing more and more important, DataMirror Corp. (Toronto) announced that it is extending the data integration capabilities of its Transformation Server technology to support IBM’s NUMA-Q server brand for high-end business intelligence.

By adding this support, the Transformation Server will link NUMA-Q servers to existing mainframe, AS/400, and other environments dispersed across the enterprise for large-scale business intelligence.

The primary focus on the NUMA-Q server brand is business intelligence, as it provides the combination of scalable processing power and I/O bandwidth that is critical for successful multi-terabyte data warehouses.

“There are more than 10,000 IBM NUMA-Q installations worldwide. We are extremely excited by the prospect of providing NUMA-Q customers with the broadest enterprise data integration available on the market, and look forward to forming another strong, strategic relationship with IBM,” says Nigel Stokes, chairman, president, and CEO of DataMirror. “We believe that our industry-leading data integration technology is a good fit with NUMA-Q in that we operate in many of the same markets including data warehousing, e-business, customer relationship management, and server consolidation.”

Initially, DataMirror will support Oracle version eight on NUMA-Q servers; support for IBM DB2 EDB V6.1 will follow. Transformation Server for Oracle on NUMA-Q will generally be available on March 1, 2000.

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