Bluestone Solution Builds Total E-Business

Total-e-Business from Bluestone Software Inc. (Mount Laurel, N.J.) offers all the basic capabilities required for entry into the world of e-business. However, says Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing John Capobianco, Bluestone believes an electronic shopping cart, electronic payment processing, an online catalog and other such features are only the first steps to becoming a “total e-business.”

Total-e-Business, a comprehensive, standards-based e-business solution for Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platforms extend an organization’s e-business capability by integrating diverse aspects of the enterprise, personalizing and targeting Web content to each specific user, and making data available throughout the enterprise and across the supply chain. The platform-independent, pure Java environment can be deployed on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) platform, including AS/400.

Beyond setting up the tools to make e-business functional, Total-e-Business, according to Capobianco, is designed to improve and nurture relationships with users. It is critical that customers have a good experience with a company’s online storefront because, Capobianco says, in the world of e-business, “Your interaction is your brand.”

“When you open up a brick-and-mortar store, you’re not just drawing customers to your content, they’re also going to be drawn in by how they’re treated in your store and what kind of service they can get.” Capobianco says. “When you open up an e-business, since there aren’t any people to interact with, they’re interacting with a machine. So the interaction you have with the Web site becomes your brand. Customers still want to be able to find what they’re looking for, and they want service. Then once they get all that, they have to give their credit card number and personal information and that makes people nervous. If something happens to a purchase—if your order gets lost, you credit card isn’t safe, if your shopping cart gets tipped over by the bullies in the hall—you might not go anywhere again, and you certainly won’t go back there.”

Total-e-Business incorporates Bluestone’s flagship product, Sapphire/Web Application Server, and its XML-based integration engine for data interchange, Bluestone XML Suite. The product utilizes Sapphire/Web’s fault tolerant infrastructure and employs XML Integration Server to connect legacy systems and Web applications within the company and with third-party partners, suppliers and vendors.

The software’s XML rules engine allows users to create dynamic user profiles in order to tailor both their Web content and their delivery mechanism to a user’s specific needs or history. Its “click-stream” capability allows administrators to continuously monitor and quickly respond to customer preferences. Capobianco explains that the XML rules engine was incorporated in the product because it allows easy use by administrators, technical and otherwise.

“XML looks like the English language in a tree structure,” he says. “We did that so that departmental managers, not just IT people, can look at this thing and use it.”

In addition to Total-e-Business’s own content management system, through a strategic alliance with Interwoven Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.), Bluestone offers TeamSite content management system as an optional component system to allow Web administrators to manage content that is dynamically delivered with Bluestone’s Total-e-Business J2EE engine.

Total-e-Business, which is now available, is priced from $100,000.

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