Princeton Softech Joins SyncML Development Initiative

Princeton Softech, a subsidiary of Computer Horizons Corp., has joined, at IBM's invitation, the consortium of leading vendors developing SyncML, an industrywide, mobile data synchronization protocol. The SyncML initiative, founded by Ericsson, IBM, Lotus, Motorola, Nokia, Palm Inc., Psion and Starfish Software, develops and promotes an open industry specification for universal data synchronization across multiple networks, platforms and devices.

"For years, Princeton Softech has pioneered the means of extracting, comparing, and manipulating complex sets of relational data, derived from dozens of interrelated tables, while maintaining all the data in a referentially intact state," says Joe Allegra, President of Princeton Softech, "Our sophisticated data access algorithms and proprietary optimization techniques for synchronizing data, can provide a solid foundation for the SyncML protocol."

Princeton Softech's SyncPoint is an enterprise-scale product that allows thousands of handheld, palmtop and laptop users to simultaneously synchronize with corporate, mission-critical applications. By using

SyncPoint, mobile workers have universal, Web-based access to corporate data that was once locked in the data center. This enables mobile workers to be fully functional in a disconnected mode, enabling them to realize the advantages of a thin client computing strategy that includes access to relational databases.

Allegra continues: "With the explosion of wireless and mobile devices such as PDAs, handheld computers and mobile smart-phones, it is imperative that we adopt a standard data synchronization protocol. This would enable mobile users to make use of applications and information on a mobile device and, in turn, synchronize any updates across their corporate servers, Web servers, computers, laptops, PDAs, handheld computers, mobile phones and other mobile devices, regardless of platform or manufacturer. "

SyncPoint is easily integrated into eBusiness solutions when a company needs a scalable technology to isolate "slices" of the corporate database and distribute that data to remote users. Featuring an administrative console that provides real-time feedback on the synchronization process, SyncPoint maintains 100% data accuracy while automatically segmenting, distributing, securing and synchronizing eData across the most commonly used databases in the client and server environments including Oracle, DB2 UDB, DB2 UDB for OS/390, Sybase, Informix and SQL Server, plus ODBC support for other client databases.

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