BMC Supports Sun's iForce Initiative

BMC Software Inc., a participant in Sun Microsystems' broad-based dotcom initiative, will provide support for Sun's iForce initiative. BMC Software is also participating in the SunTone Certification and Branding Program, helping to deliver customized e-business products and services to its customers.

BMC Software has been participating with other SunTone Applications Council members in the collaborative development with Sun of the SunTone Application Level 1 Guidelines. These recently released guidelines specify how applications and software products can meet application-hosting requirements for scalability, availability, security and management practices. The guidelines specify the requirements that a software product must meet in order to achieve the SunTone Certified status. Certifications will begin in the second quarter of 2000.

BMC Software will seek SunTone Application certification for its PATROL Application Management suite of products, having been selected to participate in the SunTone applications pilot certification program. These products provided centralized control of applications and databases, including configuration management solutions in a distributed computing environment.

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