Centerfield Simplifies SQL e-ssentials on AS/400

Jim Martin

Continuing its efforts to help customers deploy e-commerce applications, Centerfield Technology Inc. (Rochester, Minn.), recently introduced SQL e-ssentials, an AS/400-specific product that eliminates the complexity of developing and tuning SQL statements for DB2 UDB on the AS/400.

SQL e-ssentials improves the end user’s ability to create and optimize SQL in developing e-commerce applications such as Net.Data or ODBC. It can also be used to maintain existing applications.

“We are very excited about the role we are playing in the overall success of our customer’s e-business projects,” says Daniel Spors, product manager at Centerfield Technology. “We are seeing a trend where customers are bringing database essentials in-house early in the project to help minimize up front performance, time to market, and skills concerns as well as managing the more traditional production environments.”

SQL e-ssentials graphically shows how the AS/400 will implement each step of a query through icons documented with context sensitive information, eliminating the time consuming process of diagnosing problems with job logs and system messages.

“Many programmers assume the database interface is causing performance bottlenecks when in reality, an untuned back-end database is the problem,” says Kent Milligan, IBM PartnerWorld for Developers. “Proper relational database design and access is a critical factor in delivering a high-performance AS/400 Web-based solutions.”

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