DataTREEV Users Get View into AS/400

In an attempt to better serve hundreds of its banking customers running core business operations on an AS/400 platform, TREEV Inc. (Herndon, Va.) has introduced new technology called AS View, which will allow those users to view reports and statements stored on a DataTREEV server.

TREEV, a provider of Web-enabled enterprise-wide integrated content management solutions, this month began shipping AS View, which had been in beta release since early January. The product provides AS/400 viewing capabilities for customers using TREEV’s Enterprise Report Management (ERM) product, DataTREEV. DataTREEV is a COLD report storage and retrieval system that offers high-volume, high-speed handling of mission-critical report data for mainframe and client/server environments. AS View is designed to meet the demands of banks that have mixed terminal and PC network environments, multiple-branch locations and the need to manage information with an ERM system.

Steve Stoner, product marketing manager for TREEV, says banks currently make up TREEV’s “primary vertical focus,” although the company is looking to branch into other industries such as manufacturing. Stoner said TREEV developed AS/View especially to meet the needs of their smaller customers, who often do not have the means to adapt their computing infrastructure needed to utilize new applications. While customers using an AS/400 environment were previously able to use DataTREEV software, they could only do so if they had PC terminals as well.

“Most of our customers are in an AS/400 environment, but many of our customers have PC terminals as their primary interface,” Stoner adds. “They could always view DataTREEV reports, but only through their PC clients. For the smaller banks, some of them do not have PC terminals.”

AS View allows easy report retrieval, fast response time and minimal use of AS/400 host CPU and DASD resources, without requiring hardware or software upgrades. The product features 5250 terminal support, multi-branch support and Positions Bank for Web delivery of documents. It requires an AS/400 V3 or V4 environment with 5250 terminals or a PC with 5250 emulation and networked PCs, TCP/IP support for AS/400 and DataTREEV 2000.

With the release of AS View, DataTREEV provides Internet, intranet, Windows, 5250 and 3270 viewing for thousands of simultaneous users. “Whatever your support environment, I’ve got terminal support,” Stoner says.

Pricing for AS View starts from $3,250 for a five-user configuration.

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