Stampede Turbo Powers AS/400 Domino

Stampede Technologies Inc. (Dayton, Ohio), a developer of acceleration software, recently announced its TurboGold for Lotus Notes will soon be available for AS/400 and RS/6000 servers. Stampede will release versions of both the Client/Server and Server-to-Server TurboGold accelerators for the IBM platforms.

TurboGold, an advanced server acceleration product for Domino servers, conserves bandwidth and speeds replication between servers and remote users or between multiple servers by using caching, compression, and streaming technology. TurboGold adapts to different workloads and is able to grow with the customer’s network. It is designed to run as an add-in task on Domino servers.

Nyrie Paloulian, IBM worldwide Domino for AS/400 solutions manager said for customers who want extra performance and reliability, or who handle large work loads on their Domino servers, a solution such as TurboGold is an effective way to improve speed and conserve bandwidth.

“Domino doesn’t necessarily need an accelerator, but in some cases it is necessary. It does improve the speed and process for some systems, depending on what you’re trying to do,” Paloulian says. “That doesn’t mean Lotus doesn’t do a great job, because it does. But for some functions, definitely it is an improvement.”

TurboGold handles Notes data utilizing push/pull technology in conjunction with Stampede’s patented compression and encryption techniques. This means data can be “pushed” back to the Domino server at the same speed at which it is “pulled” from the Domino server, making the exchange in both directions up to five times faster than normal.

The compression process in TurboGold increases Notes data compression 10 percent by collecting and compressing data in “bundles” before it is released onto the network. By packaging the updates in continuous data streams and compressing that data, TurboGold is able to reduce the number of packets being processed and move them across the network more efficiently. The process conserves bandwidth and reduces LAN and WAN traffic. These features are designed to lead to higher productivity and significantly lower telephone costs.

Stampede executives say they view the recent release of the AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino as a sign of IBM’s commitment to helping businesses leverage Lotus Domino’s workflow and messaging software. TurboGold’s new advanced server software is designed to build on this collaborative effort in its integration with IBM’s AS/400 and RS/6000 (AIX) server and Domino architecture.

The popularity of TurboGold in its original Windows NT version led Stampede Technologies to develop versions to run on other servers, according to Gordon Dorworth, Stampede president and CEO. Paloulian says another central reason Stampede chose to make its application compatible with AS/400 is that the server is far more scalable than either an NT or Unix server.

TurboGold’s Advanced Server products are expected to begin shipping in the second quarter, and are priced from $6,295 for a single server.

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