DSS’ Auditron400 Audits AS/400 Data to the Field Level

Joanna Doyle

Dynamic Systems Solutions Inc. (DSS, Pompano Beach, Fla.), a J.D. Edwards business partner, has announced the release of its Auditron400 data and system auditing tool, in conjunction with the company’s new initiative to expand its product offerings outside of J.D. Edwards’ product lines.

According to Lucio Ballart, banking technology manager for DSS, Auditron400 is currently the only software available that allows data auditing at the field level, as well as the file level. It can be used with both home-grown and packaged applications.

Auditron400 allows audit control by authorized personnel and provides tools for online inquiry and reporting for immediate and direct access to needed information. The product allows users to track the results of their data modifications with before and after illustrations of all data that has been altered, added or deleted. This can be accomplished because Auditron400 has the capability to link auditable fields to non-audited data elements that might impact changes in another system application.

The system auditing feature included in Auditron400 is a text-based application that provides tools for auditing and reporting of AS/400 configuration, security files, user profiles, objects, files and libraries. It offers numerous customizable inquiries and reports to allow non-technical users to monitor system security set-up.

Auditron400 is available with a J.D. Edwards interface. Individual licenses are priced at $17,500, with volume discounts available for quantities of five or more.

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