New Products

CXR Fastline 2000 Modem

CXR Anderson Jacobson’s Fastline 2000 is based on multirate symmetrical digital subscriber line (MSDL) technology, and carries its transmission rate to provide the maximum performance over single-pair copper wires. Under optimum conditions, the Fastline 2000 can achieve speeds of 2.3 Mbps; it adjusts the transmission rate as the line becomes noisier or transmission distance increases. The Fastlane 2000 is available as a standalone unit or as a card that can be mounted inside the CXR universal rack. For more information, visit their Web site at

Yosemite TapeWare 6.2

Yosemite Technologies’ TapeWare 6.2 is the newest version of its data storage management software. TapeWare 6.2 includes new features and enhancements, such as support for Red Hat’s Linux 5.2/6.x, ability to access diagnostic information from TapeAlert-capable drives and libraries, distributed backup devices, multiple concurrent backup devices, a single administrative point and advanced database management. TapeWare 6.2 supports Windows 9.x/NT and Novell NetWare. For more information, call (550) 292-8888, or visit

Access Manager Part of Windows 2000

Telco Research’s TRU Access Manager software will be included in Microsoft’s Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit. The Resource Kit will include a limited version of TRU Access Manager that can be upgraded by contacting Telco Research. TRU Access Manager collects data and provides businesses with reports that show network cost and usage trends, allowing companies to develop and enforce usage policies and security plans and to identify abnormal use of the network. TRU Access Manager provides information for departmental bill-back and end user accountability, monitoring of service level agreements, capacity and growth planning, and equipment problem detection. For more information, call (800) 48-TELCO, or visit

Theorem Solutions’ DXN

Theorem Solutions’ Data exchange Navigator (DXN) is a data conversion tool for companies involved in concurrent engineering and collaborative design and manufacturing. DXN is used in conjunction with CADverter products, and provides a hierarchical breakdown of the products structure definition for assembly modeling, EDM and PDM applications. Engineers can use DXN to access and integrate product information from different CAD systems and STEP formats, and can digitally inspect, evaluate and verify data before running a data conversion, all without using a CAD system. DXN supports HP Series 9000 HP-UX, IBMRS600 AIX, Silicon Graphics IRIX and Sun Solaris platforms. For more information, call (513) 576-1100, or visit

PC-Doctor Service Center 2000

Watergate Software’s PC-Doctor Service Center 2000 is currently available at a $50 discount at, Watergate Software’s new Web store. Service Center 2000 is a software diagnostic testing solution for DOS, Windows 9x and Windows NT-based systems, components and peripherals. It is localized in ten languages and includes an enhanced set of tests for USB ports, audio ports, game ports and other industry standard hardware components. The Service Center 2000 e.Subscription Program ensures up-to-date diagnostic tests by delivering four updates a year. For more information, call (510) 596-2080, or visit or

PanaSite Enterprise

PanaSite Software’s PanaSite Enterprise is their Web site content management software product. PanaSite Enterprise is an open-ended architecture, server-based application that works with Internet standard document types such as HTML, ASP, XML and CFML. It captures content originating from nearly any computer and writes to any ODBC-compliant database. PanaSite’s built-in Templatizer allows one to implement Enterprise during design and setup of a new Web site, or convert an existing site from its original configuration into a PanaSite-powered Web site. For more information, call (888) 9PANASITE, or visit

MPI Host-to-Print Solutions

MPI Technologies has formed a joint marketing alliance with HP to provide host-to-print solutions across multiple applications and systems to output documents simultaneously on HP LaserJet printers. MPI Technologies has developed the Blue Kit and Blue Server as a part of HP’s LaserJet Accessible Architecture Initiative. The Blue Kit is a DIMM-based solution that offers native AFP/IPDS capability to any LaserJet over Coax, Twinax or LAB attachments. The Blue Server is an NT/Novel print server that allows SCS and IPDS seamless printing on LAN-attached LaserJets from IBM Host systems. For more information, call (714) 840-8077, or visit

N2H2 Netcool Application

N2H2 has deployed Micromuse’s Netcool application and several Monitors in the Netcool/Internet Service Monitors suite. Micromuse’s Netcool/ISM suite collects performance and availability data from 18 Internet protocols and services, which support the core set of services offered by all ISPs and leading corporations supporting e-commerce and Web initiatives. Netcool/ISMs’ architecture is highly scalable, allowing service providers and corporations to improve the manageability of their Internet connections, corporate intranets and extranets. For more information, call (800) 971-2622, or visit

Remote Management Card and Chip

Agilent Technologies introduces its Agilent Remote Management Card (RMC) and embedded Remote Management Chip (eRMC). The RMC and eRMC provide server manufacturers with remote management solutions to comply with the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 1.0. Both the RMC and eRMC integrate into any PC or UNIX server. System administrators can use either the RMC or eRMC to gain secure access to servers for troubleshooting or remote administration. Should there be a problem, the RMC or eRMC will automatically send a notification message to the system administrator. For more information, call (800) 477-6111, or visit

SST-Resource Availability V3.4

Softworks’ SST-Resource Availability version 3.4 now includes reporting on historical storage utilization on open systems platforms, wider platform coverage for Oracle’s database space management and IBM’s ADSM enterprise backup management, and a logical correlation between OS/390’s view of hardware devices and the EMC SYMMETRIX and STK tape silo environments. Version 3.4 is built on an architecture that supports agents that monitor, fix and notify when storage-related problems are detected. For more information call (800) 727-4422, or visit

Ultra160 SCSI

Adaptec’s four Ultra160 SCSI cards are available for the transaction-heavy environments generated by emerging e-business applications, as well as traditional storage applications. At 160MB/sec performance, Adaptec’s Ultra160 SCSI cards data transfer rate doubles that of Ultra2 SCSI. The Ultra160 SCSI cards use the same accessories as Ultra2 SCSI, eliminating the need for new LVD SCSI cables or terminators. For more information, visit their Web site at

ETI Extract 4.1

ETI EXTRACT 4.1 from Evolutionary Technologies International (ETI) offers the ability to generate code that interfaces to message systems, such as IBM’s MQSeries, for the near realtime data exchange between applications required to support e-customers. Enhancements in release 4.1 include the ability to control user access to objects in the MetaStore (ETI’s internal repository), as well as improved capabilities for exchanging information across multiple MetaStores. For more information, call (800) 856-8800, or visit

EnterpriseExpress Adapter

Bus-Tech’s EnterpriseExpress Adapter for DB2 Access is a PCI-compliant ESCON adapter using IBM’s Multipath Channel+ (MPC+) protocol to provide throughput between Windows NT applications and DB2 Universal Database for OS/390 using IBM’s DB2 Connect. EnterpriseExpress Adapter for DB2 Access is a hardware/software solution specifically designed to provide Windows NT Server applications access to DB2 Universal Database for OS/390 over a high-perfomance, point-to point connection. For more information, call (800) 284-3172, or visit

Compex 64-Bit Ethernet Card

Compex’s FL6400 64-bit 4-port Fast-Ethernet adapter uses four Intel 21143 Fast-Ethernet controllers to form four 10/100 ports. The four Intel controllers sit on the secondary PCI bus created by an Intel 21153-AC PCI-PCI bridge chip. The FL6400’s interface to the PCI bus is 32- or 64-bit and is automatically adjusted, depending on the type of PCI bus it sits on and is compatible with the PCI 2.1 specifications. For more information, call (714) 630-7302, or visit

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