IBM, InstallShield Improve Installation Implementation Process

Jim Martin

Moving to further address the needs of its joint customers, IBM and InstallShield Software (Schaumburg, Ill.) are joining forces to simplify the installation of e-business applications and software on IBM platforms. The end-result will provide users of IBM software and ISV applications running on AIX, AS/400, Linux, OS/2, Project Monterey and Solaris platforms with a consistent and easy-to-use installation across multiple platforms.

Through the agreement, IBM and InstallShield developers will collaborate on the release of InstallShield Java edition, version 4.0, an installation authoring solution for software developers targeting multiple platforms. By doing this, users will have the ability to point and click their way through cross-platform installations.

“Installing today’s cross-platform e-business products must be easy, consistent and reliable,” says Stan Martin, president and COO, InstallShield Software Corp. “Our joint development effort will give IBM software customers the freedom to deploy and manage their products across multiple platforms using a familiar and proven installation solution specifically designed to meet their unique needs.”

IBM business partners and ISVs will also use InstallShield Java Edition, eliminating the need for multiple tools and techniques to create cross-platform installation.

“Our work with InstallShield is a big win for our customers and ISVs. This is just another step in our commitment to deliver world-class e-business solutions that are easy to install, deploy and administer,” says Dick Sullivan, VP, solutions and integration marketing, IBM software. “Working with InstallShield, a recognized leader in installation technology, we’re able to provide end-users and business partners with a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, solution that will save money, reduce time-to-market and improve the overall installation process.”

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