Planet Intra's Instant Intranet Gains Popularity in ASP Market

In just ten months since its introduction, Planet Intra's instant Intranet solution has been adopted by more than 10,000 businesses. Additionally, the company said it has completed agreements with nearly a dozen leading ASPs (application service providers) worldwide, increasing distribution channels for its instant Intranet solution, which delivers real-time collaborative and office productivity tools for mid-sized enterprises and divisions of large corporations.

Planet Intra has partnered with Ensim, Systemfusion and other ASPs worldwide to broaden its distribution channels and to help increase the market penetration of its popular Intranet application. With Planet Intra, ASPs can upgrade their product portfolios with a full suite of tools that their mid-sized customers can use to eliminate the need for complex, expensive, hard-to-implement groupware applications.

In addition to partnering with ASPs in North American, Planet Intra has joined with ASPs in Holland, Hong Kong and Japan. The company plans to form additional relationships with ASPs to help distribute its secure, customizable, easy-to-use Intranet.

According to the GartnerGroup, more than 70 percent of the ASP market will be driven by small to mid-sized enterprises. In a recent analyst report, the GartnerGroup stated that ASPs will enable many enterprises to access applications previously available only to enterprises with large, sophisticated IS departments.

Unlike e-mail and shared-drive alternatives, Planet Intra is similar to a workflow tool in that it allows users to organize and group information in a format that is easily and instantly accessible by all team members. Planet Intra provides users with a company calendar, contact manager, discussion forum and a highly efficient search engine that enables users to scan their Intranet knowledge base and retrieve valuable information. Planet Intra is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese - either as a hosted Web-based solution called SecureService* or as a licensed application.

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