IBM Releases Toolbox for Java Source Code

Joanna Doyle

JTOpen, the first AS/400 product to be made available as open source from IBM, is now available for download, the company announced this week.

JTOpen is an open source version of the AS/400 Toolbox for Java product, a library of Java classes providing access between Java programs and AS/400 data and resources. The classes can be used by Java applets, servlets and applications.

The application runs on any client or server that utilizes Java Virtual Machine, and, as with Toolbox for Java, does not require any additional client support. Customers can download the source code to use as an application development tool or to modify it, add functions or identify problems for their own use. The project has been approved by the Open Source Initiative ( (new window)), and IBM is currently looking for users to become involved in the JTOpen development process.

The JTOpen source code download is available through IBM’s Web site (new window).

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