AirFiber Enters Agreement with Nortel

AirFiber, a telecommunications equipment supplier, has signed an agreement with Nortel Networks that will extend AirFiber's wireless optical networking products to Nortel Networks' customers around the world. Under the terms of the OEM agreement, Nortel Networks has the right to market AirFiber's OptiMesh products to customers worldwide. The OptiMesh products will provide networks solutions for carriers in offering end-to-end, high-bandwidth access from the backbone to the end user.

AirFiber's OptiMesh network equipment is a carrier-grade, high-bandwidth (622 Mbps) communications system that allows providers to offer true broadband access at a fraction of the cost and time required to install fiber to buildings. Unveiled today after two years of development, the OptiMesh network is based on wireless optical networking technology, which has the ability to deliver high-bandwidth access over the air for voice, data and multimedia services. AirFiber's system is based on a highly redundant "mesh" or multiple point-to-point design that ensures carrier grade reliability.

Anticipating dramatic growth in high-bandwidth demand from businesses and aggressive competition in the Local Exchange Carrier market, AirFiber designed a reliable network that allows carriers the ability to extend fiber-like access to buildings with significant cost and time savings over traditional fiber-optic transport. The network's short-link "mesh" architecture ensures carrier-grade reliability of 99.999% availability in even the most severe weather conditions.

"OptiMesh will drastically increase the speed with which true high-bandwidth capabilities are delivered to buildings that don't have direct access to a fiber optic network," says Jim Dunn, CEO and President of AirFiber. "Now, through our alliance with Nortel Networks, world leader in optical networking, we expect more and more buildings around the globe to benefit from high-bandwidth connectivity."

AirFiber and Nortel Networks have been working together for the past several months conducting interoperability tests between the OptiMesh products and Nortel Networks products. The companies are also conducting market trials of the OptiMesh network with customers in Asia, Europe and North America.

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