Gold Systems & Lucent Extend International Support

Gold Systems Inc., an independent provider of automated self-service solutions, has formed an alliance with Lucent Technologies' Enterprise Networks Group to provide expanded international support to Lucent. Gold Systems also will supply its Vonetix server for Lucent's CONVERSANT Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System.

For Lucent's Enterprise Network Group in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Gold Systems will provide full-service offerings, including pre-sales support, natural language speech recognition (NLSR) application development, and products and services.

To support multimedia self-service applications such as accessing Web content through voice response, the Lucent Enterprise Networks Group has incorporated the Gold Systems Vonetix server on the latest version of the CONVERSANT platform. The Vonetix server provides a Web interface for the CONVERSANT that enables developers using Lucent's Voice@Work Windows-based development tools to create IVR applications that access HTML and XML Web data. Because the Vonetix server supports established and emerging Web technologies, companies now have greater flexibility when creating multimedia self-service applications for their customers.

Sheila Walth, Lucent Enterprise Networks Group Offer Manager of CONVERSANT IVR System notes, "Incorporating Gold Systems' Vonetix server on the CONVERSANT has strengthened our ability to provide complete CRM solutions, including voice access to Internet content, for our customers."

Gold Systems' Vonetix server is platform-independent and integrates voice applications across a wide range of markets and technologies, such as voice-to-Net, mobile commerce, wireless access protocol (WAP), NLSR, XML and VoiceXML. Future versions will be Java-based and will support Java APIs common to today's enterprise software. The Vonetix server will soon accommodate a full suite of popular connectivity sources through standalone plug-ins, such as JDBC, CORBA, Siebel, SAP, PeopleSoft, VoiceXML and new APIs as they emerge, preserving companies' investments in their existing systems.

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