Manhattan Assc., Federated to Develop Web-Based Supply Chain

Jim Martin

AS/400 ISV Manhattan Associates Inc. (Atlanta) is partnering with Federated Department Stores Inc. (New York) on developing a Web-based supply-chain initiative. Through the partnership, the two companies are building a collaborative Business Community Integration (BCI) solution that will enable real-time communication between retailers and their suppliers.

The new BCI solution will benefit both suppliers and retailers. Suppliers can improve customer service capabilities, reduce operational costs and have a comprehensive integration strategy for linking their customers. Retailers will benefit by enhancing their in-stock positions, reducing inventory and increasing gross margins.

Federated Department Stores and three of its vendors have recently completed a pilot program that enabled the transferring of order and shipment status information between trading partners systems using the Internet. The program was a success, and the two companies are adding additional functionality.

“We believe the use of this technology will be a major step in the development of a comprehensive Internet based BCI solution that will allow for suppliers to meet external reporting requirements and allow retailers to receive the information directly into their systems,” says Manhattan Associates chairman and founder Alan Dabbiere. “Manhattan Associates is working with Federated Logistics and Operations to deliver a standardized product, called InfoLink, that will link suppliers to their extended enterprise and enable collaborative information sharing.”

Communication will be facilitated through Internet-based XM: technology directly from suppliers’ systems to Federated Department Stores’ systems.

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