ClientObject/400 Expands Choice of AS/400 Development Tools

SystemObjects Corp. (West Chester, Pa.), developers of AS/400 software for development and deployment of Internet and client/server applications, has announced enhancements to its ClientObjects/400 amid claims that it will allow a broader range of development tools to access and work with AS/400 data. Company engineers are taking credit for creating a new database driver for ClientObjects/400, which allows its use in any development environment that is compliant with ODBC, OLEDB, or ADO components.

With ClientObjects/400, developers unfamiliar with traditional AS/400 environments, and used to working on Unix or PC-based servers, can see AS/400 data and build AS/400 reports in an environment comfortable to them with no loss of functionality on the AS/400 side. ClientObjects/400 allows native access to AS/400 data, systems and programs, including imbedded and programmable 5250 emulation.

"Our beta testers have found that the ability to give an AS/400 development project to a programmer that has traditionally been involved with the PC side of things has lifted a tremendous burden off of their very valuable RPG guys,” says Olivier Play, SystemObjects’ North American GM. “The flexibility to do this not only reduces the cost of Internet or client/server applications, but we hear has given them a huge advantage in time-to-market with new projects."

ClientObject/400’s new database driver works with most popular development tools, including those from Microsoft (Visual Basic), Corel (WordPerfect), Centura (CTD), Sybase (PowerBuilder), Lotus (123) and Macromedia (Drumbeat 2000), as well as many third-party products, such as Crystal Reports. ClientObjects/400 is being released as an integrated component in the latest versions of Delphi/400, C++Builder/400, and ActiveObjects/400. General availability for the enhanced versions is expected the last week of May 2000.

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