RiT & RBI to Develop New Marketing Initiative

RiT Technologies has agreed to join forces with RBI in a new marketing initiative that will bundle hardware and cabling into a unique intelligent cabling infrastructure to provide customers with an end-to-end cabling system for easier integration, installation and management. The initiative, called SmartNet, bundles RiT's PatchView Intelligent Cabling System with advanced cabling systems from leading cable manufacturers.

"Our goal with SmartNet is to provide the cable, connectivity, electronics and installation guidelines required for the enterprise network under one product and performance warranty which gives our customers piece of mind," reveals Ruric Brandt, President of RBI.

By combining the products from RIT, and utilizing high grade CAT5E cabling, many companies may be able to centralize much of their MIS support. For some, this would conveniently allow them to outsource their MIS support and concentrate on their core business, according to Gardner Smith, RBI's Integration Director.

Leading cable manufacturers have agreed to participate in the initiative to provide a complete, real-time, online cabling management system and cabling infrastructure. There are several benefits of utilizing the SmartNet plan from RBI. It helps to locate your network assets, recovers unused network assets, increases network security, provides a global view of your cabling infrastruture in real-time, manages local and remote sites and provides a Web-based interface.

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