IBM: AS/400 Sets Performance Record for Java Runtimes

Jim Martin

Utilizing its patented silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and copper wiring technologies, IBM reconfirmed its commitment to transform the AS/400 server into a leading Java platform for e-business with the announcement that the AS/400 server has set performance records in server-side Java Virtual Machine performance.

According to IBM, in testing done following the VolanoMark run rules, a 24-way AS/400 model 840 server with 4GB of memory handled a record 108,513 messages per second using 200 concurrent connections---more than four times faster than comparable Sun Microsystems server for data transactions.

A 100 percent pure Java server benchmark, VolanoMark measures the speed of the Java platform and accurately predicts real-world performance and scalability.

In addition, IBM also ran a VolanoMark network scalability test. A 12-way AS/400 model 840-2418 using a single Gigabit Ethernet with 8GB of memory was able to process 39,529 messages per second at 9,000 connections. IBM says it was more than eight times the results of the Sun E6500 22-way server.

“AS/400 is a leading transaction server with one of the most robust and reliable Java environments in the industry,” says Mike Tomashek, director, OS/400 development and performance. “Our VolanoMark results are proof of the power of IBM’s copper and silicon-on-insulator technologies, coupled with the performance and scalability of AS/400. Sun clearly doesn’t have the data-transaction abilities of IBM’s mainframe-class technology, and this benchmark proves it yet again.”

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